Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels Teases the Season 47 Cast

Yours saturday night live The favorite might be back for Season 47 right now.

Sunday, September 19, Producer lorne michaels While in the press room at the 2021 Emmys, he addressed many questions surrounding the upcoming season. Although Michaels just recently won an Emmy SNLFor the 46th season of the season, many were eager for the updates of the new season. Why? Well, there are many speculations about the cast.

Of course, we’re talking the season 46 finale, which appears to be Cecily Stronghandjob Eddie Bryanthandjob Kate McKinnonhandjob Kenan Thompson And Pete Davidson Hit shows. Since then, the stars have been concerned about their casting status.

Thankfully, Michaels has since put our minds at rest, noting at the awards show, “I’m not going to tell you much, simply because we haven’t announced who’s hosting… But I don’t think anyone’s heart will be broken. I think people will be happy with what we have.”

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