San Diego Comic-Con at Home Virtual Event Will Be Free, Launch Date Announced

San Diego Comic-Con is going virtual in 2020. It was announced earlier this year that the traditional program had to be canceled. For obvious reasons, most of the entertainment from mid-March, businesses were closed. Social distinction is still the norm in most states across the country, so getting thousands of people together in an enclosed area was not really for Comic-Con. Thankfully he announced plans for a virtual edition of the annual conference and today we have some additional details about it.

When San Diego Comic-Con first announced the “At Home” program, they focused on positivity. No long lines, no crazy parking situations, free food, pets are allowed, and no large crowds. While attendees were understandably excluded by the cancellation news, the idea of ​​a virtual event helped ease disappointment. [email protected] The event will take place on July 22-26, which is the original dates for the original version of the event. There will be a virtual online exhibit hall with exhibitors offering exclusive and limited edition merch reserved for exhibitors.

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For all those who can never opt out of SDCC for Exclusive, they will now be available to everyone, which is a definite plus as they usually go for big bucks in second-hand markets. San Diego Comic-Con will also feature general panels, although it is unclear who will participate and what will be shared. Many fans are hoping that Kevin Feige will come out with a surprise Marvel studio panel, which may be, even though they were scheduled to leave this year after tearing up the house last summer.

This is the first time in 50 years that San Diego Comic-Con has failed to take place. The world is in a strange time at the moment and many people are looking towards the entertainment industry to put a stop to the world’s news. Fortunately, this summer will bring some kind of normalcy with a virtual Comic-Con. The specifics are still being put together, but there are a few things to look forward to, including the first trailer for Jack Snyder Justice League.

San Diego is doing its best to make the Comic-Con experience a positive one, and for now, it seems they are succeeding. In addition, theme parks are slowly starting to reopen, which greatly guarantees that Comic-Con, along with other canceled conventions, will return in time for next summer. Hopefully everything goes smoothly over the next several months to ensure some kind of normalcy for 2021. The best thing is that this summer’s San Diego Comic-Con will be free for everyone to experience, second only to the long-running conference. The official Comic-Con website was previously announced announcing new details about this year’s virtual event.

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