Samsung will not exhibit at IFA 2020, opts for digital event instead – TipsClear

Samsung will not exhibit at IFA 2020, opts for digital event instead – TipsClear

If you have heard this before then stop me. A major company just announced that it would not participate in an in-person trade show instead of merely opting to go online. Following initial reports from the South Korean press, Samsung has confirmed with TipsClear that it will not be attending Europe’s largest consumer tech trade show.

“We made the exciting decision to share our latest news and announcements at our digital event in early September,” the company told TipsClear. “While Samsung will not participate in IFA 2020, we look forward to our continued partnership with IFA in the future.”

The decision comes as the COVID-19 epidemic continues to rise. Earlier today, the European Union announced that it would begin traveling from 15 countries starting tomorrow, banning passengers from the United States, Brazil and Russia, where COVID-19 is a concern.

I was recently in contact with individuals associated with the show, and it seems clear that everyone is closely monitoring the situation. I have also sent a followup in view of this news from Samsung. It probably won’t be enough to sink the show into itself, but we’ve seen the domino effect several times this year – most notably in the case of fellow European trade show Mobile World Congress, which seems to die a little over a month. During such a slow death.

IFA organizers announced the return of the show in mid-May with many precautions. Organ wrote at the time, “The organizers hope the public health situation will improve between now and September.” Along with strict invitations limiting the attendance to 1,000 people a day, only issuing press releases.

The way things are trending on the COVID-19 front, however, it is likely that many attendees will simply choose to monitor the show from afar.

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