Samsung One UI 3.1 is out now, with improved photos and blue light adjustments

Samsung One UI 3.1 is out now, with improved photos and blue light adjustments

With the single take feature of One UI 3.1, you can capture multiple types of photos by pressing the shutter once.


Samsung will start rolling out the latest One UI 3.1 software update in some areas from Wednesday evening, with new features Galaxy s21 Phone series for more devices including Galaxy s20 Chain, Galaxy note 20 Chain, Galaxy z fold 2 And Galaxy z flip.

Samsung never uses stock Android software, instead putting its spin on its design. In the early days of Galaxy, it was something called TouchWiz, which was Critically criticized. At the end of 2018, Samsung Unveiled a UI With the aim of making it easier for users to navigate their phones. The third generation of software came in December Android 11.

A UI 3.1 includes the following new features, which are already available on all Galaxy S21 phones:

  • Extended Single Carry: An update Single take feature For phone cameras you can capture multiple images and video clips by just pressing the shutter button once. The feature debuted on the Galaxy S20, but the S21 line brings more impact.
  • Object Eraser: The new intelligent photo editing tool cuts out any unwanted parts of your photos without manual editing.
  • Multi-Mic Recording: Record audio via your phone and connected Bluetooth device at the same time for better quality audio and video.
  • Eye rest shield: This new setting adjusts automatically blue light Emitted from your phone depending on the time of day, which can help reduce eye strain. You can enable it from your Quick Settings panel.
  • private equity funds: This feature provides you with read-only access to share encrypted files and set permissions and expiration dates for data.

For more information, see How a UI widgets stacked against those on the iPhone 12, And CNET Galaxy s21 review And Galaxy S21 Ultra Review.

CNET’s Sharra Tikken contributed to this report.

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