Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Doesn’t Come With a Charger

When you buy a new Galaxy S21 and open the box, you will get a phone and a USB-C cable. enough. After previously removing the included wired headset from its phone, Samsung is now removing the wall charger from its in-box accessory set.

Just like when Apple stepped in with the iPhone 12, the logic is easy to understand. Samsung saves money on every phone without a charger, and can give a percentage of that savings to the customer – after all, the lineup did Get cheaper this year.

Sure there’s no charger, but the Galaxy S21 is also $ 200 cheaper than the S20.

But more importantly, it is another positive step to reduce e-waste. Before Apple even made its move official, I advocated removing the charger from the iPhone’s box – and I expect more companies to do the same. E-waste is a very big problem which is passed on to the public to a large extent. More than 50 million metric tons of e-waste are produced annually in the world, and only a small percentage is recycled properly. Anything we can do to reduce that amount should be appreciated.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Charger
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And we need to understand that while it sounds frustrating, fewer and fewer people are actually using in-box chargers. Samsung says that one-fourth of its data are Galaxy S chargers wireless. And then there are a large number of people who just keep using whatever charger they have already plugged in while purchasing the phone. The charging speed has stabilized, especially on Samsung phones, and for the past few years any charger will serve you as well as in the box.

E-waste is a serious problem that needs to be resolved – even if Samsung also benefits.

Samsung says that for them Tax Wanting a charger, it is going to reduce the price of chargers at its online store, and work with retail partners and carriers to do so. in present, Samsung’s 25W Fast Charger Will Set You Back $ 35, Which is obviously absurd. You can do this Buy the White Label 25W Fast Charger Two-Pack for only $ 17, And there is Many reputed charging brands make comparable chargers With better design at the same discount.

Not having an in-box charger does not cause some mass loss. You can get a better charger – in terms of design, performance, port, or all of the above – for a very reasonable amount of money. And you have that money because $ 200 less than the Galaxy S21 S20.

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