Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has 2 whole weeks of battery life

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has 2 whole weeks of battery life

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Less than a month after announcing the Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung has added another wearable to its portfolio with the Galaxy Fit 2. The second-gen tracker is a slim alternative to the company’s smartwatch and fitness at its core.

Samsung announced the tracker during its Life Unstoppable Virtual Event, held for the first time this year at the IFA in Berlin, in place of its general press conference. The standout feature of the Galaxy Fit 2 is its battery life. Samsung says that it will last for 15 days on one charge, compared to barely two days, which you will get from one of Samsung’s complete smartwatches.

Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Fit 2 features a rectangular AMOLED touch screen enclosed in a silicon band, but this time the body is placed inside the silicon band instead of being framed in metal. It also lacks physical buttons on the side, and has been replaced with a virtual button on the front of the bottom of the screen. And there are more ways to customize it. Samsung has added 70 different watch face options to choose from for the Fit 2.

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It has also improved its fitness facilities and can track up to five different types of workouts, providing insight into calorie burn, heart rate, distance and more. It has a more comprehensive sleep analysis that rates each night’s sleep and breaks down the various steps in the Samsung Health app.

The Fit 2 includes many of the basic smartwatch capabilities, including displaying calls and notifications. It even has a quick answer option for Android phones with preset responses. But it lacks more advanced features, such as mobile payments and music streaming.

Samsung did not provide any availability details for the Galaxy Fit 2, but we are expecting its price to be under $ 100 when it finally hits the shelves.

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