Samsung First Look 2021 event teases new TVs in virtual showcase

Samsung First Look 2021 event teases new TVs in virtual showcase

Samsung first invite on 6 january

Samsung is showing the new screen on 6 January.


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Samsung is not looking forward to next week’s CES to begin its 2021 product announcements. On Wednesday, the South Korean electronics giant will livestream a virtual version of its annual First Look event. The invitation sent to journalists gives a “new vision for the screen”.

Samsung traditionally uses the CES as their location to update their televisions, although the invitation suggests that the displays may go beyond traditional televisions, with silhouettes showing different rectangles in different orientation and designs .

It is possible that the event will provide US updates Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED TV that went on sale in Korea in December For the equivalent of $ 156,000. Less expensive QLED Models can also be in the offing.

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When does the incident happen?

The First Look event will begin on 11 January at 11 am (8 pm PT).

How can i see

We will take Liverstream right here on CNET. Samsung will be streaming the program on its website as well as YouTube.

Is this the Galaxy S21?

Less likely. While it is possible that some troubles may occur, Samsung appears to be saving Galaxy S21 appears for next Thursday, January 14, When it will be a separate livestream centered on its phone.

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