Salesforce announces a new mobile collaboration tool for sales called Anywhere – TipsClear

Salesforce announces a new mobile collaboration tool for sales called Anywhere – TipsClear

The epidemic prompted most employees to work from home, even before salespeople often worked outside the office. Sales force At the Trailheadx conference today introduced a new tool, Salesforce Anywhere, which is designed to allow teams to collaborate and share data wherever they occur.

Salesforce VP of the product, Michael Machado, says the company started thinking about topics from pre-COVID to anywhere. Machado explained, “We were really thinking about what the board would be a mobile experience for end users, which is extremely mean, really focused on jobs and adapted to what workers And how the user experience can be transformed. “

As the epidemic gained momentum and the company saw how important collaboration was becoming in the digital context, the idea of ​​such an app urged a new spirit. “When COVID happened, it really fueled the fire as we looked around the market and saw our customers going through a major transformation, and we wanted them to help Salesforce. Native experience, ”he said.

This idea helps to move beyond databases and bring the information that matters most to individual salespeople based on their pipelines. “So we’re going to provide real-time alerts so that users can subscribe to their own alerts about which they want to be notified, whether it’s based on the list they use or a report they are using Do work [in Salesforce], But on the granularity of a single sector in Salesforce, ”he said.

Employees can then share information in a team, and chat related to that information. While other chat tools are out there, McDow says the tool focuses on sharing sales data, not general-purpose tools such as Slack or other business chat tools.

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Salesforce sees this as another way to overcome the complexity of working in CRM. It is not a secret that salespeople do not like to enter customer information in CRM tools, so the company is trying to leverage that information while it is worth them. If the tool is not just creating a layer of work for record keeping, but actually leveraging that information to give the sales person important information about his or her pipeline, when it matters the most, it Makes the record keeping piece more attractive. Being able to share and communicate around that information is another benefit.

This also creates a new collaboration layer, which is necessary for fast-spreading workers and working from home. Even when we return to some part of normal, street salespeople can use anywhere to collaborate, communicate and stay on top in their tasks.

The new tool will be available in beta in July. The company hopes to make it available sometime in the fourth quarter this year.

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