Ryan Reynold Transforms Into Johnny Cage for Mortal Kombat-Themed Mint Mobile Meme

Dead pool Star Ryan Reynolds recently thought of a fun way to respond to Mortal Combat casting rumors, essentially putting himself in the game to promote Mint Mobile. Fans are likely to appear in a possible sequel with favorite fighter Johnny Cage, leading to much discussion mortal Kombat Fans on who is right for the role. One name that some fans have come up with is Reynolds, who has the right look and outlook for someone like Johnny Cage.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, Ryan Reynolds Posted a GIF of himself as Johnny Cage mortal Kombat Video game. Although he resembles Reynolds Cage, he is representing Mint Mobile, a wireless company that has earned an impeccable victory over other “Big Wireless” competitors. Irritated as to what he would look like as Cage while promoting the company, which Reynolds bought an ownership stake in 2019.

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In the caption, Reynolds writes: “What do I do with the casting rumors and wireless contestants that @usnews named the best cell phone plan of @Mintmobile 2021? END THEM !!”

Here’s the review that Ryan is talking about in 2021 about US News’ best cell phone plans. Having said that, there is no guarantee Reynolds will actually play Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat 2, but there is plenty for the actor’s fans to look forward to. Starring the actor Free guy As a background video game character who wants to be a hero. The film is scheduled to be released on August 13, 2021. Reynolds will also return in the upcoming sequel Deadpool 3To re-surprise his role as a fan favorite vigilante superhero, and roles can also be seen in it Hitman’s wife’s bodyguard And Red notice.

The debate over who can play Johnny Cage will continue mortal Kombat Fans until the official casting is announced. It is certainly possible that a big-name actor like Reynolds could be cast, as the character himself is a world-famous Hollywood star. Kano actor Josh Lawson is also nominated Sonic the Hedgehog As another good candidate, star James Marsden said he had Johnny Cage’s “vibe” and would be perfect for the part.

Meanwhile, 2-time WWE Champion The Miz volunteered to play Johnny Cage Mortal Combat 2. Many WWE fans are on board with the idea, as the television character of Pro Wrestler wears sunglasses and has a very arrogant attitude. His wrestling style does not involve a lot of kicks, so casting may require some additional training, but of course his appearance and personality is down.

At any rate, there is no confirmation that we will play the role of Johnny Cage Mortal Combat 2 Not yet officially in the works. Director Simon McQuidd has suggested that it will be decided for fans whether the sequel is going to be made. The film has received some mixed reviews, but it is clear that tons of people turned out to watch it, as evident by its high streaming numbers and box office success. It will help Mortal Combat 2 Increase your odds of being, but Warner Bros. has yet to order. We get this news Ryan Reynolds on Twitter.

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