Rupert Grint: Coming back to Servant after becoming a father was very different

The second season of M Night Shyamalan’s series Cervant is set to premiere on Apple TV Plus, and if anything is to be done for the first season, the Turner family is in for a much more scary ride at the moment. Turner struggled to come to terms with his child’s defeat in the first season, and in the second installment, the loss seems even greater.

He said, “It is not all about these characters, when they should not grieve, but they are all avoiding it and avoiding it.” It affects them mentally in different ways, ”said Rupert Grint, who plays Julian Pearce, in a roundtable conversation.

Lauren Ambrose, who plays the bereaved mother Dorothy Turner, said she “tried not to judge the character” and “eventually found some compassion for him,” even though it’s clear that Dorothy is “definitely delusional”. Dorothy lost her newborn but was coping with a reincarnated doll named Jericho, believing that the doll was real. Things take a turn when a real child replaces the doll and is then kidnapped by a cult.

“I mean every terrible thing you can think of what happens to this person with a mother. Doll is her coping mechanism to deal with this trauma that’s even harder to see. This season is a dark corner Turns, and the character is asked to go to some really dark places. And as a mother, she can’t stop doing anything to get this child, “Lauren shared with did.

Valet apple tv Dorothy and Sean have lost their child again and this time, she has a chance to return. (Photo: Apple TV +)

Meanwhile, Dorothy’s husband Sean (Toby Kebbell), who was trying to rationalize everything in the first season, also jumped into the bandanism of finding Jericho. Sean was the supportive husband for Dorothy as she dealt with her grief, but after the doll was replaced by a real child, Sean’s father’s instinct kicked him. Toby said, “For me, in season 2, I have to play the flip side. The child is gone, and at the moment, it’s not through death, but by kidnapping.”

Famous Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint plays Dorian’s brother Julian. While Dorothy and her husband Sean live in a creepy house in Philadelphia, Julian is the only one from the family who has a life outside this house. He is a rational thinker in this situation. The Servant is largely a dark series that achieves a flurry of light humor with only Julian’s presence.

Rupert Grint Rupert Grint played the role of Julian Pearce in The Servant. (Photo: Apple TV Plus)

During the round table talk, Rupert told, “She is the voice of the audience because she is a very rational thinker. Although he makes some crazy decisions that I would not suggest, he is a very black and white man. He always thinks he is one step ahead, and knows what he has to do. “

Rupert also told of his experience with the father during the shooting of the series. He said, “Getting back on the show after becoming a father made the show very different. It was a new approach, so there was definitely something new for me. “

Servant returned with its second season on Apple TV Plus on January 15.

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