Robert Downey Jr. Will Play Multiple Villains in HBO’s The Sympathizer

After retiring from the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Robert Downey Jr. has set up his next big project on the small screen. Per Deadline, HBO has ordered A24’s limited series adaptation of Viet Thanh Nguyen’s novel Hamdard With RDJ attached to co-star in several supporting roles as the main antagonist. The story has been described as “a blazing search for identity and America, a gripping detective novel and a powerful tale of love and friendship”.

This is the first live-action acting role for Robert Downey Jr. on the small screen since appearing on Ally McBeal In the early 2000s. Since his run in the MCU, the actor has been more selective with the roles he’s willing to take on, and the ones that were lucrative. Hamdard It was that it gives him a chance to really delve into his range as an actor. He will reportedly play the main antagonists, all of whom “represent a different branch of the American establishment—including a rising Orange County congressman, a CIA agent, and a Hollywood film director.”

For better or worse, it appears that Downey has actually retired from playing Tony Stark. While many of the original voice actors returned to voice animated versions of their characters for the series. what if…?RDJ was not among them. As the actor explains, he is more interested in exploring new challenges at this stage of his career, and he was fascinated by the concept of taking on different roles for the same project. Hamdard.

“Adapting the important and outstanding work of Mr. Nguyen requires a visionary team. Under the leadership of Director Park, I hope this will be a creatively productive adventure for Susan, me and Team Downey, and these complex assistants. It will be an exciting process for me to land the roles. “A24 and HBO are the perfect combination of partners and co-parents… this is exactly the type of challenge I’ve been craving, and I am confident that we will provide our viewers with an exceptional viewing experience.”

Park Chan-wook (old boy) will serve as a co-showrunner Hamdard With series director Don McKellar. The pair will also executive produce for Downey, Susan Downey and Team Downey with Amanda Burrell as well as Niv Fitchman through Rhombus Media and Kim Lee. The show is a co-production between HBO, A24 and Rhombus Media, produced in association with Cinetic Media and Moho Film.

This is new territory for RDJs, although he has a certain level of experience playing multiple characters in a film – well, in a way. in ben stiller Tropic ThunderIn , Downey plays an Australian method actor who was cast as a black character in a film and refused to break into the character. The portrayal has generated some controversy in recent years, but RDJ earned much praise at the time. For the role, he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.

A release date has not been set for Hamdard And it’s unclear at this time when filming will begin. Meanwhile, the search is on for a lead actor to star opposite Downey. This news was first published on Deadline.

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