Robert Downey Jr. Jumps Into 2021 by Dancing to Van Halen

Robert Downey Jr. Everyone else is happy to leave us after 2020, virtually jumping to Van Halen’s music in 2021. On Instagram, RDJ posted a video of a golfer in a cap and an all-white outfit, jumping and dancing in a small pool of very muddy water. All the while, Van Halen plays the song “Jump” as RDJ, who moves to the beat of the song. No other context is provided here, but the video results from what is happening here is highly entertaining.

RDJ writes in the caption, “Who else is ready to execute # 2021?” Here is the new year … ”

Downey’s video also serves as a tribute to Eddie van Helen, one of the many beloved celebrities we lost in 2020. The legendary guitarist died in October after suffering a stroke, after suffering from throat and lung cancer. Many of his contemporaries honored him at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, such as Jack White, GE Smith, and Charlie Benteau. Episode of that week Shanivari Night Live Tributes were also given by airing the 1987 clip Van Halen Performing with Smith for the show hosted by then wife Valerie Bertinelli.

Overall, 2020 turned out to be a terrible year, but Downey fans enjoyed him as Tony Stark in the MCU, now with a lot to look forward to. Last month, tons of new Marvel projects were officially announced, introducing several new superhero characters, with a variety of fan favorites. It features Iron Man Black widow, Which is scheduled to release this year. Additionally, RDJ will voice Tony Stark in the animated series what if…? On Disney +. After Avengers: Endgame, RDJ has stated that he is “playing” moving Tony Stark forward, but you never really know what might happen with the expansion of multiverse in the MCU.

For what else is coming for RDJ, the actor has also been featured in a sports comedy All-star weekend. Directed by Jamie FoxX, the film Foxx has multiple roles, including the role of “white, racist cop”. Speaking about the film Joe Rogan Experience, FoxX noted that Downey was cast “to play Mexican” in the film, but no other details about his character have been revealed. This is an interesting role for RDJ after facing controversy over his role Tropic Thunder, But given the nature of the film and Foxx’s many roles, it should not go out of place.

Also on his Instagram account, RDJ recently paid tribute to his late friend and fellow Marvel veteran Stan Lee. In what will be Lee’s 98th birthday, RDJ posted a photo of himself with the iconic producer of the set Captain America Civil War. In just a few days, the post was garnered over 3.5 million likes from fans, showing that Marvel fans around the world remember Lee. The “Jump” video was posted by Robert Downey Jr. on Instagram.

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