Rob Zombie Reveals The Munsters Bedtime Wardrobe Designs for Herman & Lily Munster

Our first glimpse at Herman and Lily Munster The Munsters MovieThe upcoming adaptation of Rob Zombie’s classic sitcom has been revealed. As of now, Zombies is working hard on pre-production for the new film which includes recent scouting locations in Budapest. This week, he also revealed the blueprints of the Munster family home, which he built as a set for the film.

In his latest Instagram post, Rob Zombie Gave another glimpse to his followers Munsters. This time around, they revealed some concept artwork of Lily and Herman Munster’s sleepwear wardrobe. One One Image shows Lily Munster wearing a handmade spider-web print gown with noticeable “destroyed edges.” A second image reveals Harman’s sleeping look, which includes a nightcap with skulls, skull buttons and platform home slippers.

“What do Herman and Lily wear to bed? Maybe something like this! Check out some wardrobe designs by our amazing costume designers,” Zombie says in the caption.

The characters in the artwork look very much the same as they were shown in the original TV series, so it may further suggest that Zombie wants to make his film a very faithful entertainment. When he recently shared blueprints for the 1313 Mockingbird Lane set, the filmmaker said he wanted the house to be “precise” than it was before. Lily and Herman look like their TV counterparts, at least in this early artwork, it looks like they won’t be given one Satan’s Rejection-style makeover as shown in first fan art.

Not much else is really known about the project at this time, but Zombie is consistent with keeping its fans updated. He has shared several photos and video clips from his time in Budapest, revealing some of the sights that we can see in the film. Meanwhile, no plot details have been revealed, so it’s unclear what exactly he has in mind for the famous monster family.

Casting information by Zombie has yet to be officially confirmed, but a list of names is rumored to be included. It has been reported that Sherry Moon Zombie and Jeff Daniel Phillips, who both frequently appear in Rob’s films, were cast as Lily and Herman Munster, respectively. Zombie collaborators Dan Roebuck and Richard Brake have also been cast in undisclosed roles, as is lost Star Jorge Garcia and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson.

One of the most popular sitcoms in television history, Munsters Originally ran for 70 episodes between 1964 and 1966. Zombie has long been a particularly big fan of the series, and he has never been private about it, often speaking out about his love for Munsters in various interviews. Following the announcement of the news of the franchise resuming with a new film, original series star Butch Patrick pays them a visit with the two going out for a ride in coach.

Munsters There is no official release date at this time. There are rumors that the film will release simultaneously in theaters and on streaming service Peacock. With the pre-production process progressing fast, more major updates should be coming soon. The latest update comes to us from Rob Zombie on Instagram.

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