Rihanna, Billy Porter & More Inducted Into E!’s Fashion Hall of Fame

Rihanna, Billy Porter & More Inducted Into E!'s Fashion Hall of Fame

Last but certainly not least is former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“I think what Michelle is, is the statue,” Siriano told E! News. “It’s classic and stunning, but also daring as well. Long ago women wore old houses – you know, Valentino, old houses that have been around for hundreds of years – but that has really changed.”

As Jenna Lyons Reportedly, Michelle also “wore clothes that other people could buy and wear and she would talk about it.”

“To me, that’s style,” Leon said.

Tia Mowri, Muay Musk And Priyanka Chopra Also shared what they love about Michelle’s chic style.

“The best thing she wears is her confidence,” Chopra said. “She may be wearing jeans and sneakers or she may be wearing her amazing opening day, but she walks out the door with a sense of self and I think that’s what makes her an icon.”

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