Rick Astley Fans Cry Foul After Never Gonna Give You Up Music Video Gets Remastered

Someone decided to give Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” an HD makeover, and the video is attracting a lot of backlash from fans online. Initially released in 1987, the iconic song’s music video has been viewed more than 871 million times on YouTube, placing the footage among the most recognizable videos on the Internet.

For many fans, it seems, the music video is as perfect as it is in all its glorious glory. Perhaps that’s why the remastered version of the video in 60 fps 4K attracts a lot more than people who like the original. As one can see on “Never Gone You Up” on social media, there are many Rick astley Fans who are expressing their disgust.

“Someone remast the Rick Eiffle video at 60 fps 4k and I’m deeply, deeply disturbed,” Zach Heltzel wrote in a popular tweet, including video footage of the offensive remaster.

One of the tweet’s reply said, “Nothing should ever be 60FPS. I will gladly quit playing the fighting game if it means I never have to see it again or the Hobbit.” Others can likewise be seen by video. Another tweet reads, “Ahhhh, never done anything since the 80s.”

Another fan stated, “A recording cannot be ‘remastered’ beyond the quality stored in the original recording.” “The correct idiom is ‘Airbodies ai f *** written in Ricky Astley video 60fps and 4k’ and we all should use it more often.”

Meanwhile, another tweet retweeted over 9,000 includes the video and clearly states, “This IS SO F *** ING CURSED.”

Writer Tara Lazar is upset for a different reason. In a tweet, she writes, “The most disturbing thing about Rick Astley’s remaster is that when the song was originally released, he was older than me. Now, he looks 12 (he Always done) and I’ve met the harsh reality. My own death.

And some fans see a silver lining for the entire situation. As one fan puts it: “I want to be honest … I really enjoy Rick Astley’s” Never Gonna Give You Up “, and I’m really looking forward to the” Rick Roll “revival Has a result of 4k. Whenever I open a dumb video mem, I can happily enjoy snippets of the song. “

“Never Gone Give You Up” became a worldwide No. 1 hit with its 1987 release. In the decade following its release, music videos and lyrics found a resurgence in popularity on the Internet as the basis for the famous “recalling” meme. This includes a bait and switch type of online prank with users being redirected to the Rick Astley video after clicking a link to watch something completely unrelated.

“Never Gone Give You Up” appears to stem the remastered music video from the Revido YouTube channel. The 4K 60 fps video of Astley’s music video is remastered for “Esté Forever” and “Whenever You Need Someone,” featured on the channel, but I would never recommend watching them if “Never Gonna Give You Up “video bothered you. You can watch remastered videos on YouTube.

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