Rick and Morty creator's next show will be 'curated on the blockchain'

Rick and Morty creator’s next show will be ‘curated on the blockchain’

Rick and Morty meet NXT.

Video screenshot by Gayle Fashingbauer Cooper / CNET

Are nft Confusing, But Fox wants inside. The creator of the community Dan Harmon and Rick and morty, Is making a new show for a media giant called Krapopolis. Located in ancient Greece and revolving around a family of humans, gods and demons, Fox says that Cropopolis will “serve as the first fully animated series on the blockchain.”

So what does this mean? Not much from what we know so far.

“The company will launch a dedicated marketplace for Krapolis that curates and sells digital goods, including one-of-a-kind character and background art and GIFs as well as tokens that provide a special social experience to engage and reward Super Are. Fans, “Fox said.

NXT, or irreplaceable tokens, are certificates of ownership that are molded on the blockchain – digital lasers that are immutable and available for all to see. You can do this Get nft for anything digital: Art, tweet, youtube clip, audio recording, GIF, etc. People buy them for bragging rights – everyone can see Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, the argument goes, but only one person can ours This – or because they hope to sell them later for more. An NXT of an art work depicting the marriage of Homer Simpson and Pepe the Frog was sold for $ 320,000 this year, purchased in 2018 for $ 38,000.

So while Fox says that Krapopolis will be “curated on Blockhain”, it seems an ambiguous way of saying that it would set up a marketplace aimed at selling NXT and tokens (i.e. cryptocurrencies) related to the show. This does not mean that the show will be available exclusively through the blockchain. It is less about Dan Harmon’s new show than it is about Fox entering a new, potentially lucrative monetization opportunity. In fact, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox is setting up a new company, Blockchain Creative Labs, to that end.

Fox Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier said during a presentation to advertisers, “As an advertiser-focused, artist-first and animation-obsessed company, Fox is taking advertisers into the world of blockchain-driven tokens, including NXT also includes.” .

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