RHOC’s Braunwyn and Husband Talk Marriage After She Comes Out

RHOC's Braunwyn and Husband Talk Marriage After She Comes Out

After revealing he is a lesbian and is now dating a woman, Real housewives of orange county Actor crew Brunwin Wyndham-Burke If she calls her husband “from the heart” Sean Burke Moved in with someone else.

During a fan Q&A on her Instagram Story on Saturday 2 January, the married couple, who got married on January 20 and shared seven children, appeared together to answer vivid questions about the future of their relationship, giving fans Surprised. Brunwin reiterated that they are “finding a new normal.” Asked, “Will you be okay if Sean decides to fall in love with someone else and try them w / them?” He wrote, “No, I will be heartbroken.”

“Am I finally dating other people? I don’t know. Maybe, Sean said,” 47. “However, don’t know when,”.

43-year-old Braunwyn said, “Hardly to date during the epidemic!”

Asked if he was hurt by his wife being a girlfriend, he replied, “Am I hurt? Yes! It sucks. It’s hard to find out. But yes, it sucks.”

A fan asked, “Do you think it’s all hypocritical that you have a gf, but Sean doesn’t even want [sic]The “

“Yes, absolutely. That’s why we’re in medicine. We’re working through it. We can’t understand it on our own!” Braunwin answered, as Sean laughed. “I mean, it’s a lot … it’s tough and we’re working it out.”

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