Revisiting Premam on Sai Pallavi’s birthday: A different kind of star is born

When Nivin Puole and Sai Pallavi-starrer Premam were released in 2015, its style and fashion were easily captured by the cinema-influenced youth. Beard, glasses, black shirt and traditional mundu up to the knee – complete exercise. Its songs and proclamations about romance were also well appreciated. Already a beloved actor in the industry, Nivin saw his popularity climb many notches thanks to his superb performance in the film. However, it was the fresh-faced debutant Sai Pallavi, who closed after the release of All Eyes.

Sai’s portrayal of Tamil teacher Malar was new, subtle and melodious. The actor had an attractive screen presence as he interacted with his students, teased and punished them. Even when she falls in love with one of her disciples, you see nothing wrong with it, as Nivin’s character should have dropped out of college long ago, but her bad grades kept her there. Malar and George were meant to be. She was attractive and intelligent, she was a bit rough around the edges but passionate. It was a quintessential film match, described as grounded in a way, and over-the-top when needed.

Nivin’s character falls in love with George three times, but it is the relationship that symbolizes his romance with Malar. Properly symbolized by a pair of foreheads, squirm, spontaneous love, butterflies. At one point in the film, George’s friend asks him, “What’s so good about Malar, he also has pimples?” Which actor Sai Pallavi also does in real life. But it was this untouched, imperfect beauty that first attracted George to him, and we – as viewers – follow him. Malar stands out in the crowd because she wants to show herself exactly as she is, not to edit or filter herself to please someone. Therefore Malar is trustworthy; That’s us

Kudos asks Malar to put him in the film in order to get director Alphonse Putren written into the film. After the film’s release, Sai quickly became a household name, not only for her beauty on screen but also for her energetic dancing. The song “Rock Koothu”, sung by Anirudh Ravichander, is still memorable today. Here is some general knowledge; Sai Pallavi has previously participated in several dance shows, including two televisions where she has emerged as one of the finalists.

Premam is a defining moment not only in Molwood’s pop culture, but also for Sai Pallavi herself, who confessed in an earlier interview with the film Companion that she had discovered herself playing the role of Malar. “All women go through a period where they have insecurities that they have to accept and move on. My skin condition is called rosacea, which I should not talk about again and again, but this is something I had to deal with. When I was in Georgia, everyone had bad facial skin and I tried everything, but could not get rid of it. I was very conscious. But when Premam came, I felt that the director was driving me crazy to act on screen without makeup. I have not seen films in which actors do not use makeup, ”said Sai.

George and Malar’s love never ceased, the sequence where Malar cannot recognize George is one of the most heart-breaking parts of an otherwise enjoyable film. But it is the balance of humor, pain, innocence and vulnerability that makes Premam different from what it is today – a romantic drama devoid of duality.

You can see Premam on Disney Plus Hotstar.

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