Revelation Is Getting a Dark Horse Prequel Comic

We are still a few months away from the release of the much-awaited reboot of Hee-Man, led by Kevin Smith. Master of the Universe: Revelation The latter is set to debut on Netflix in 2021, but those who are excited for a return to Atternia team up with Dark Horse Comics Mattel for a four-issue prequel to the upcoming animated series. The first issue will be available on 7 July. The official description for the comic is as follows.

After a vicious Orlax attack on his father, King Randor, He-Man learns that the creature is connected to the sword’s origins. To save Randor and end the chaos, He-Man must go on a journey that pits him against his long-time enemies Skeleton and Evil-Lynn, and sees Tila take the reins of a powerful legacy It takes

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Masters of the universe The first was launched about 40 years ago primarily as an action figure toy line. Each action figure came with a comic book to help children explore the world of Atternia. Returning to the roots of the upcoming establishment of a partnership with Dark Horse Masters of the Universe: Revelation TV series with an epic world-shattering comic book.

Master of the Universe: Revelation Comic Cover # 1

The Netflix series is said to have a much darker version Masters of the universe. Despite the shift from a comedy cartoon to a darker anime-style series, showwinner Kevin Smith has stated that the character designs have not changed much from his original interpretations.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Will pick up directly where the original ’80s cartoon left off. Netflix has had success rebooting old 80s cartoon classics. Last year, Netflix launched the first of three. Transformer Miniseries with final installment to come later in 2021 Thunder Cats Series for streaming service as well.

Master of the Universe: Revelation Comic Cover # 2

Has assembled a powerful influential voice cast for Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation. The biggest name to sign would be Mark Hamill, who is coming out of a voice acting retirement to portray the villain Skeletcher. Hamill gives voice to the famous clownBatman: The Animated Series In the 90s. Masters of the Universe: Revelation Hamil will also be reunited with Kevin Conroy, his voice co-star Batman: The Animated Series. Conroy will voice Mer-Man for the upcoming animated series, he and Hamill will be joined by an all-star cast. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Tila), Lina Hayde (Evil-Lynn), Phil Lamar (Hay-Ro), Henry Rollins (Tri-Klops), Didrich Bader (Trap Jaw), Justin Long (Roberto), Jason Mewes (Stinker) and Griffin Newman (Orco).

Revelation Will be the fourth cartoon based on Masters of the universe, Who usually revolves around Prince Adam, using Prince Adam of Power to transform into Hem-Man as he fights for eternity against the skeleton and his army. Sadly, it does not appear that the upcoming cartoon or comic will be part of the same universe as Netflix’s other originals Masters of the universe Property, Princess of Shee-Ra and Power. The first issue of Masters of the Universe: Revelations will take place in comic book stores on July 7, 2021, followed by additional issues on August 11, September 9, and October 13, 2021.

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