Restaurant search engine FoodBoss adds support for direct delivery from restaurants – ClearTips

Restaurant search engine FoodBoss adds support for direct delivery from restaurants – TechCrunch

FoodBoss aims to be something like a kayak for online food ordering – the place where you can search on various service and apps to find the lowest prices and fastest delivery time.

One limitation, however, is the fact that the service was limited to third-party services such as Uber Eats and Postmates, with no way to order from restaurants – until recently, the launch of a new feature called Restaurant Direct with.

Foodboss Co-founder and CEO Michael DiBenetto said restaurants are insisting on accepting direct delivery and pickup orders, both to save on fees paid for third-party services, and a direct relationship with their customers Also to keep.

“The main problem is that they have spent all this money [ordering] Infrastructure, but they do not necessarily know that they have to spend marketing dollars to drive consumers to their site or app. “That’s where we’re really helping.”


Image Credit: Foodboss

Restaurant Direct may present some additional technical constraints, as it will require FoodBoss to integrate with many types of ordering systems. DiBenedetto said that the company will connect in some cases via APIs and may also work directly with restaurant IT departments.

He emphasized that FoodBoss will be agnostic about your order – the goal is just to show you all the options, and to uncover that ordering method that matches your preferences.

“At FoodBoss, we are focused on making sure that we are helping third parties and [restaurants] There is less overall marketing cost, ”DiBenedetto continued. “Everyone wants to be profitable upon delivery.”

The first restaurant available through Restaurant Direct is Low Malanti in Chicago, with plans to add Serbro to several markets next year. In a statement, Heather Staig, president of Low Malanti, said, “The challenge for the restaurant is being able to serve customers through preferred channels while still providing them exceptional food. FoodBoss helps simplify this by offering many options including our own to attract customers. “

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