Resident Evil Village's tall vampire lady explained: The whole story of Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village’s tall vampire lady explained: The whole story of Lady Dimitrescu

Lady Dvitrescu and her daughters in Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters are pleased to meet you.

Capcom; Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

You play as ethan vintners Resident Evil Village, But let’s be honest, she is not the real star of the show. No, social media has revered Lady Alkina Dimitrescu (apparently “Dimitrisk”), known as the tall vampire woman.

This terrifying villain stares down the halls of the game’s castle area with his three creepy daughters, and Lady Dimitrescu is about 9 feet, 6 inches tall In his heel and luxurious hat, developer Capcom confirmed. However, you might be wondering what his deal is and how he fits into the overall plot.

Game hit PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One And PC On friday but we will sport Look at her backyard here.

If you plan to play the game and want to avoid any plot details, do not read further.

spoiler ALERT

Tour of Castle Dimitrescu

Early in the game, you first see Lady Ladytrescu as she debates with fellow village lord Heisenberg over the fate of a captive Ethan. Their leader, the game’s main villain, Mama Miranda, hands him over to Heisenberg, but Willie Ethan survives.

Our hero makes his way to Castle Dimitrescu (the first of the four Lords territories you have discovered), where he is quickly captured by creepy vampire daughters Bella, Cassandra and Daniella and brought before his stylish mother . He feeds on Ethan’s blood, but is not impressed by the taste.

They sadly hang Ethan from the ceiling through the hook (and it looks so painful) with their hands, but he soon runs away and wanders off the halls of the palace.

Dimitrescu daughter in Resident Evil Village

Bella Dimitrescu greeted Ethan with a sweet smile.

Capcom; Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Various diary entries suggest that Dimitrescus continues to employ village women to work in the palace, and the game’s concept art confirms that the fierce enemy Ethan fights in the dungeon of the palace that transforms women is. Male victims only have their blood drained, some of which are used as a secret ingredient in the family’s liquor, sagunis virginis (which in Latin means “virgin blood”), so someone has to go to authorities long ago Should be alerted).

Ethan reports that Bella, Cassandra and Daniela are weakened by exposure to the cold, so he pushes some of the palace windows to blow chilly air from outside and kills them one by one.

Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village

Ethan, you drove him crazy.


to take revenge

Lady Dimitrescu is quite angry at her daughters’ deaths (perhaps you shouldn’t have been such a bunch of ferocious savages then?) And gives the purse straight to Ethan, spreading her nails into long claws. She cuts off our boy’s arm – don’t worry, she fixes it and it works fine because of her healing abilities – and chases her around the castle like a dictator Resident evil 2.

“The entire bloodline of House Dimitrescu is done as per choice YouThe “he shouts.

Yay, another fearsome predator enemy. (I really love them, Capcom. Never stop.)

A file reveals the existence of the Dagger of Death’s Flowers, forged weapons in the Middle Ages and coated with a variety of poisons from all over Europe. It was designed to kill monsters and demons… and vampires, I think. It seems that someone tried to use it against our illustrious Dimitrescu, and he hid it in the palace so that no one could repeat that stunt.

Ethan eventually finds this Chekhov’s gun in a coffin, and stabs Dimitrescu with it. Hey, he’s dead.

Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

So the poison dagger was a bad idea?

Capcom; Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Oh wait no, he’s actually mutated as a massive panicked beast, giving us the first real boss fight of the game. After a very intense fight, Ethan kills the beast and ends his reign of terror for good for Dimitrescu.

Where did Lady Dimitrescu come from?

Much later in the game, a file shows that the big bad mother Miranda lost her daughter Eva to the Spanish flu, a real-life epidemic that lasted from 1918 to 1921 and caused an estimated 50 million deaths. The grieving mother wandered into a cave to die and happened upon Megamise, the source of the cast behind the animals Resident evil 7 And the village.

Its regenerative qualities gave Miranda immortality, and she felt it absorbed the consciousness of the dying people – meaning it could bring Eva back to life. He started using villagers as guinea pigs in his quest to find the right ship for Eva’s return, and used mold to create a yuki parasite named Kaidu for more efficient experimentation.

Lady Dimitrescu Pictures in Resident Evil Village

Let us not try to think about what Dimitriscu did to the person who painted this beautiful figure.

Capcom; Screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Medical reports on each of the four suggest that she was implanted with Kaidu to test her candidacy as ships for Eva. Most of the test subjects just turned into stinky, hairy lichen, so the four lords became village leaders.

The 44-year-old Dimitrescu was an excellent host, as the parasite increased its ability to heal wounds extensively, which is why Ethan’s attacks were ineffective before using the dagger.

Those regenerative properties also enhanced her body shape, so the internet can thank the icky parasite for her impressive height.

However, a hereditary blood disease meant that he had to regularly feast on human flesh and blood to maintain his powers – thus his vampirism. If her ascension was not balanced, she also risked mutating uncontrollably, and the venom of the dagger presumably dropped that balance. Ethan, he was just rude.

As a result of these problems, Miranda considered Dimitrescu to be an “unfit vessel for Eva”, but gave her a palace, three attractive daughters, and a limitless supply of victims.

And after that they all lived happily ever after. Until Ethan kills them.

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