Resident Evil Village is a joyous tribute to 25 years of survival horror

Resident Evil Village is an excellent tribute to 25 years of survival horror

Lady Dimitrescu in RE Village

Lady Dimitrescu will surely find her claws in you, and she is one of the many outstanding characters in Resident Evil Village.


The greatest resident evil thrill closes with a sense of desperation. Totally terrified of enemy encounters, tight resources and a sense that there is no way you will survive to see the next stage – survival horror at its most visceral and powerful. Resident Evil Village caught you in its menacing vice grip, feeling brilliantly in its opening hours.

Game hit PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One And PC on Friday.

After surviving the annoying incidents of 2017 Resident evil 7, Mia and Ethan Winters living in apparent domestic bliss. He is shattered by the arrival of longtime series protagonist and anti-biotourism agent Chris Redfield, an event that sends Ethan to a creepy European village as he tries to save his daughter, Rose.

Upon arriving at this icy stop, all hell breaks loose quickly as you are attacked by a gang of werewolves, and are set in that video game fight-or-flight response. Fans will note that it feels completely like the iconic 2005 opening. Resident Evil 4, in many tributes throughout the Capcom series’ 25-year history.

Chhaya Gaon

Once you escape the initial salvo, the village’s secret begins to unravel and you are tasked with defeating the four lords who rule their inhabitants with apparent supernatural powers. The village itself acts as a hub, and you collect items to enter each of the Lords’ territories.


Each place in the game is presented intricately, and you will want to explore every inch.

Capcom / screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Each region is visually distinct and contrived with its master’s personality, providing every environment with engaging imagination and character. The first area is the Gothic palace of the Internet phenom Lady Dimitrescu. Wandering its halls, locating safe routes and solving fun riddles creates a sense of satisfaction to know the original game’s Spencer mansion or police station. Resident evil 2 – It captures many of the best elements of the series.

The latter areas have different aesthetics, but each ojes atmosphere and begs you to explore. Unfortunately, the last major area is the least interesting to watch, but challenging enough that you’ll stick to the end.

Despite the atmosphere, this is not a particularly scary game. Only one area works hard in a state of psychological horror – it will scare the daylight out of you (I had to stop playing with headphones, turn on all the lights and take a little break to calm down) but you want to That you were there makes it like something else to take advantage of the purity and intensity of the first person’s point of view.

Nodes for previous games have been built to delight long-time fans, but they are subtle enough that they do not interrupt the flow and will not separate the new ones from the series. With the mystery surrounding the village slowly unfolding and satisfyingly tying up in Resident Evil 7, the plotline is given very little – the narrative won’t be quite as compelling if you skip the seventh game.

Chris does not show often, but his shadowy role is different from the refreshing hero he has usually portrayed since 1996. This is easily the most compelling he has ever been. Despite their appearance, the links to the overall series plot of Resident Evil Village seem very difficult, so long-term fans may be disappointed in that regard.

Resident Evil Village Gundai

You will take on a wide variety of enemies.

Capcom / screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Battling crowds

Rapid arrival in the village will fill you with fear for any war situation, as the resources are very tight in the first few hours. This becomes easier as you gather more weapons and encounter the merchant of the game, which allows you to buy and upgrade weapons, so that the fear reduces over time.

Playing on PS5, clever use of Dual Indicus Controller’s Haptic Response Adds another layer of tension to combat. If you’re using a handgun, you’ll be able to pop shots with a tap of a button, but you’ll have to squeeze the trigger hard enough to drive your shotgun or rifle.

Item management is surprisingly satisfying as well. The inventory system blocks Resident Evil 4’s attachment case, meaning you can arrange everything beautifully or leave it in a cluttered mess (if you’re lacking in some sort).

Each of the four lords has their own set of minions, so enemy types rarely surpass their reception and the challenge always feels fresh. You never know when you will get into a swarm or face a strong enemy, so you can never fully relax or get down into a comfortable groove. It is well-paced, and injects a unique tension into each area.

Variety is different in boss battles; The most memorable are cinematic and suitably demanding. However, a late-game battle clearly takes its cues from scenes of infinite ammo being destroyed in Resident Evil 5 and 6 – it’s too goofy and forgetful, and one element the series should just leave behind.

Despite these challenges, I did not die for the first seven hours of my 12-hour playthrough at Standard Difficulty, leaving me with the feeling that the bark of Resident Evil Village was worse than its bite. I am definitely a cautious player, but I usually regularly see the screen “You died” on my first run through these games.

Resident Evil Villages

The mercenaries welcome a retreat, so you can take a bunch of enemies with a time limit.

Capcom / screenshot by Sean Keane / CNET

Once you complete the story, you unlock excellent merchants. This amazing time attack mode (a series staple that has been disappointingly absent majority of Recent Entries) Takes you down a set number of enemies in different stages and has a lot of fun. Unfortunately, unlike some previous iterations, this mode does not have a multiplayer option.

Evil on 25

Resident Evil Village is a clever, atmospheric addition to the franchise, and it beautifully books the story that began in Resident Evil 7. Every area is dripping with a dark personality and is filled with memorable characters, while fun combat and a satisfying upgrade system keep things fresh in your adventures.

High difficulties, mercurial mode and other fun unlockways will keep Hardcore players coming back after defeating the story, so there are plenty of values ​​and challenges beyond the main game.

It can certainly be a little creepy and more difficult, and the final major area isn’t as visually arresting or fun to explore as before, but it’s a strong start to the series on the next-generation console and a happy tribute. The series marks its 25th anniversary.

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