Rege-Jean Page Plays a Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons, and He Knows What That Means

Details about Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons movie are still being kept under lock and key but the lead actors and bridgeton Star reggae-jean Page has finally offered some insight into the project, with the actor revealing that he will be playing a Rajput. As well as revealing this key character detail, Page also revealed that he’s more familiar with the popular Dungeons and Dragons assets, which he believes will benefit his performance.

“I’ve listened to a few Dungeons & Dragons podcasts in my time. I’ve played a ton of JRPGs [Japanese role-playing games] And basically everything that came out of it. I played a ton of Diablo as a teenager, so I’m used to the fact that I play a Paladin – that’s just what I do, and I know what that means, to an extent. I’ve seen my friends play Baldur’s Gate, so I’m like a second generation dungeons and dragons.”

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in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, a paladin is a pious knight who crusades in the name of good and order, as well as a divine sorcerer, which should give Page plenty of material to work with when his character finally ends up on the big screen. But be over

The reggae-gene page also assures Dungeons and Dragons Fans say the script does justice to the iconic role-playing game, adding that it “will be a huge sigh of relief for Dungeons & Dragons fans everywhere.”

film . based on Dungeons and Dragons In development since 2015, and finally made major progress last year, game night Directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daly are associated with both to write and direct the project. Although not much is known about the direction of the film, the project gradually grew into a very impressive cast, with Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Hugh Grant, Sophia Lillis and, of course, reggae-Jean Page all involved. on board to bring the beloved franchise to life on the silver screen.

Aside from Page’s recent revelation that he will portray a paladin, other character details are currently scarce, although it has since been revealed that Lillis will star as a character named Doric, alongside Hugh Grant in the film’s antagonist, Forge. Fletcher is set to play the role.

Goldstein and Daly have also recently offered some insight into the tone of the film, including how the filmmaker intends to make a fun film while avoiding too much comedy. Jonathan Goldstein revealed, “We want it to be fun. It’s not an out and out comedy, but it’s an action-fantasy film with so many comedic elements and characters, we hope people really get into it.” And enjoy watching your adventures.”

being filmed Dungeons and Dragons Finally starting in Iceland in early April 2021, principal photography began in Belfast, Northern Ireland later that month. The film was originally scheduled to release later this year on July 23, 2021, but has since seen several delays. First, the project was moved to November 2021, again it was pushed back to May 27, 2022, due to the global situation. Thankfully, a theatrical release date for Dungeons and Dragons Now scheduled for March 3, 2023. It comes to us courtesy of Variety.

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