Reebok Unveils Jurassic Park Footwear & Apparel Collection

Dinosaur fans and sneakerheads may want to save their money. Reebok has officially announced a new partnership with Universal Brand Development that will see the company release a new line of shoes and apparel themed after the blockbuster classic. Jurassic Park later this month. Reebok x. dubbed the Jurassic Park A first of its kind product line, a footwear and apparel collection for the entire family. It celebrates the history of Steven Spielberg’s 1993 film and re-imagines some of Reebok’s most famous sneakers through that lens.

One Reebok sneaker pair from this line, notably the Instapump Fury OG ($200), had made its way online. But now, we get to see the full line. A collection of images showcasing the shoes and clothing we’ve included for you to check out has been revealed in anticipation of the line’s launch later this month. This includes many different pairs of shoes, as well as many shirts. Dennis Nedry Club C85 and Navy T-shirts will be available exclusively to Reebok Unlocked members.

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jurassic park reebok sneakers

The line includes a Dennis Nedry-inspired Club C85 ($110), an Allen Grant Club C85 ($100), a Dr. Also included are the Ian Malcolm Classic Leather ($120), a Zig Devil Kinetica modeled after Park’s SUV ($140). A Mr. DNA-inspired Club C Legacy ($100), Jurassic Stomper ($200) and Pump Omni Zone II ($200). In addition to adult-size shoes, the line also includes Classic Leather and Zig Dynamica in grade school, preschool, and infant sizes. Some highlights from the apparel collection include a Mr. DNA hoodie, a utility vest to match the Jurassic stopper, and a variety of Reebok Xs. Jurassic Park-Themed T-shirt.

In addition to the Reebok sneakers, each pair of shoes will come in special packaging. One part of the boxes will be the same as the original Jurassic Park The toy’s packaging from 1993, while others would draw on themes from the film, including Nedry’s infamous fake Barbasol shaving cream can, the cage and padlock used in the park to house the dinosaurs, and even Mr. Are included. Reebok even put together a fake news report to announce the collection, which we’ve included for you as well.

Jurassic Park Reebok Apparel

Jurassic Park Adapted from the book of the same name by author Michael Crichton. It went on to become one of the biggest box office hits of all time, giving rise to a franchise that is still active today. But it pioneered the use of CGI. This practice of using computer-generated effects in blockbuster films would largely define Hollywood for decades to come.

Meanwhile, Universal has completed filming and is currently in post-production. Jurassic World: Dominion. The third entry in the current trilogy will unite the original cast with the new in what promises to be a massive adventure. Five minutes of footage, taking the action back 65 million years, was screened ahead of a recent IMAX screening F9. The film is set to hit the theaters on June 10, 2022. reebok x Jurassic Park The collection will be available from July 30 on

  • Reebok Stealth and Apparel Complete List
  • Instapump Fury OG ($200, GW0212) — Inspired by iconic Jurassic Park guest vehicles, this Instapump Fury features a leather collar lining mimicking SUV seats and battle damage graphics on the sole and sides. The shoe is finished with the official Jurassic Park emblem on the legendary Pump Ball. Available in adult and infant sizes.
  • Club C 85 ($110, GW0213)—The infamous Denise Nedry made her mark on the classic Club C with a floral print heel that’s reminiscent of the first shirt she wore in the film, the Zebra Striped Pony Hair Heel Cap, a screensaver copy of Nedry’s does. computer. The shoe also features a bright yellow tongue in rubber raincoat material, commemorating Nedry’s failed attempt to escape from the island with the stolen dinosaur embryo.
  • Club C 85 ($100, GZ6322) — This Club C sneaker look from Dr. Alan Grant is inspired by a tan suede upper, bandana collar lining, and a denim-colored outsole. While both sockliners have matching denim outsoles, the right sockliners also have a Velociraptor claw graphic. Available in adult, grade school, preschool, and toddler/infant sizes.
  • classic leather ($120, GY0570) – Inspired by the allure of Dr. Ian Malcolm’s chaos theory, this classic leather is part simplicity, part complete chaos. The chaotic lateral side of the shoe celebrates Ian Malcolm’s fashion sense and lucrative lifestyle, featuring a variety of textures and patterns from flowers to sabertooth tigers. The more simple medial side features the Jurassic Park logo and a brooch jewel detail to the necklace that Dr. Malcolm wears throughout the film.
  • jig devil kinetica ($140, GY8275) – The contemporary sports-style Zig Kinetica II has been redesigned to resemble the park’s employees’ SUV. The tongue includes leather webbing detailing the vehicle’s rearview mirror and the famous electric fence, as well as a speckled middle console inspired by high-speed chases through mud.
  • Club C Legacy ($100, GY0856) – This Club C legacy pays homage to the playful and informative Mr. DNA, the cartoon character who explains the process of recreating dinosaur DNA. The clear TPU outsole reveals the Mr DNA Strand logo on the underside of the left shoe and the Mosquito graphic on the right shoe. The Club C Legacy is finished with a cracked egg collar and bubbling heel.
  • Jurassic Stomper ($200, GX5412) — With a tough leather and neoprene upper, the Jurassic Stomper is strong enough to hold anything you can find from InGen workers in the field. The shoes, inspired by the uniforms of the Infield InGen staff, include several patches that can be changed depending on your division within the ethically questionable organization.
  • Pump Omni Zone II ($200, GY0549) — After combining dinosaur and sneaker DNA, Reebok was able to create a shoe roughly 65 million years into the making: the Pump Omni Zone II. Inspired by the carnivorous Dilophosaurus, this style-forward shoe features dinosaur graphics on the upper and a nubuck base material with hints of slanted leather.
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