Re-Animator Filming Locations Get Re-Visited in New 2021 Horror’s Hallowed Grounds Episode

Sean Clarke is starting the new year with a Hollow Grounds episode of Horror, this time touring the filming locations from the horror film Animator again. Directed by Stuart Gordon and based on a story by HP Lovecraft, Animator again Jeffrey Coombs starred as Herbert West, a student who makes a reagent that can “re-animate” bodies. A cult classic, the film is one of the more beloved titles of the 80s horror era.

Part of the tour includes the host Sean clark Visiting the filming locations used to represent the University of Zurich Institute of Medicine in Switzerland. In actuality, the building seen in the exterior shots is Loyola High School in Los Angeles, and it really hasn’t changed much after all these years. Interior scenes were filmed at the Kerckhoff Laboratory building at Caltech University, and the epidemic prevents Clark from looking inside, a glimpse through the windows looks very familiar.

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Another location established in Animator again Miskatonic Medical School is located in Arkham, Massachusetts. As we will see in the video, he is actually James W. in Los Angeles. Wadsworth is the building. Clarke also visits Occidental Studios in Hollywood, where a lot of interiors scenes were filmed, later the Halsey residence, and the filming locations used at 666 Darkmore, the residence of Dan Cain. It’s not quite as good as visiting these places for yourself, but taking Sean’s tour anyway Holy grounds of horror The video is definitely the next best thing.

First episode of Holy grounds of horror Made as a DVD bonus feature for Anchor Bay Halloween: 25 years of terror The documentation. After doing many installments for many Halloween Sequel, Clarke has also covered filming locations seen in other genre favorites creep Show, The return of the living dead, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, And A Nightmare on Elm Street. All videos lead with the latest Animator again Can be seen on their YouTube channel, (@malfuncsean).

Clarke visited his filming location outside of the horror genre by launching what he called Hollywood holiday grounds. Stepping out of the spinoff last July, the first episode features footage and photos of several of Clark’s travels to the filming locations of the stone comedy dazed and Confused. In another episode, Clark and his pal Adam the Woo take a road trip to visit the filming locations seen in Arizona. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, including the Actual Circle K where in 1989 strange things happened.

For more horror content from Clarke, genre fans should also call her podcast The thing with two heads. Co-hosted with FX artist Christopher Nelson, the podcast features two horror maestros who are talking about the industry for everything they love including toys, movies, music, special FX, monsters, comics, masks and more Some are included. Many special guests are also brought in for interviews, such as Adrianne Barbeau, James Jude Courtney, and Matthew Lillard.

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