Rang De Film Cast: Nithin, Kirti Suresh
Rang De Film Director: Venky Atluri
Give Color Rating: 3 stars

The boy is an idiot and indifferent to all matters of the heart. The girl is sensitive, intelligent, generous and very considerate. And as always, the girl loves the boy despite being an idiot. Why? Because she thinks she can change her personality and make him a winner by showering him with his unconditional love and support. Does it sound familiar? By the way, it is also the basis of the latest Telugu film, Rang De.

The romantic film follows the life of an Arjun (Nitin) and his problems with his childhood friend, Anu (Kirti Suresh). As a child, Arjun felt that he loved his family and neighbors. But with Anu’s arrival his popularity vanished almost immediately. It sows the seeds of hatred seated deep in Arjun’s heart at a very tender age. His disdain for Anu is only so strong that Anu is a better person in every conceivable aspect than him. When he sees her as his enemy number 1, Anu realizes that Arjun is his close friend. Many times, even smart people act dumb. Anu is no different, she does everything she can to do Arjuna as an expression of love. Despite her open hostility and strong objections, she goes on to marry Arjun. The rest of the film captures Arjun’s struggle in which he adjusts to get married.

The real talent of director Venky Atluri lies in his ability to take old wine and pour in new bottles. And you can feel like a hypocrite if you complain about this repackaging, seeing how much you enjoyed it. He has done a great job with Rang De, rehashing the old tropes of the romantic comedy of Telugu cinema.

One of the primary duties of cinema is to provide comfort, especially at a time when we feel that the world is turning on its own. Rang De is one such film which is full of happy and feel-good moments. The familiarity of the characters and the story really works in the film’s favor. It feels like a cozy blanket, which gives you much needed warmth and allows you to be pleased with the feeling of melancholy.

While Nithin is the protagonist, Kirti Suresh is the star of the show. Her presence brightens the screen and mood. And his performance also inspires you to be emotionally invested in the film. PC Sriram’s cinematography and Devi Sri Prasad’s score are significant to the film.

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