Ranbir Kapoor’s Oscar-nominated short film Karma screened at Bandra Film Festival. Watch it here

Little is known that Ranbir Kapoor starred in the Oscar-nominated short film Karma, which was directed by Abhay Chopra, the grandson of veteran filmmaker BR Chopra. Ranbir’s first short film, which revolves around the subject of capital punishment in India, has been featured in the Bandra Film Festival (BFF) YouTube channel. Starring Sharat Saxena and Milind Joshi, the film released on Wednesday.

Karma was first released in 2004 and went on to receive a student Oscar nomination. The film took place with Ranbir when he was a film student with Abhay Chopra. This was also when the actor made his Bollywood debut with Saawariya (2007).

The nearly half-hour-long film revolves around a father and son relationship. It follows a jailer’s dilemma of executing the murder of his own son.

Recalling memories of teaming up with Ranbir, Abhay Chopra said, “I have memories of directing Ranbir Kapoor. He did not even start his career then. He is such a spontaneous actor. The acting really moves with his veins. Sharat Saxena has done a terrific job in the film and has such a powerful screen presence. I am glad that I can tell this story and it is getting an extended audience at the Bandra Film Festival. “

Further explaining how Karma is inspired by real-life stories, Abhay said, “The year I made this film, the death penalty was part of every prime-time debate and churned out scores of opinion pieces and cover stories. India saw Dhananjay Chatterjee hanged for the rape and murder of Hetal Parekh, which sparked these debates. Karma is imaginary but heavily inspired by reality. “

Along with Karma, Mara Ahmed’s feature documentary revolves around a thin wall partition, and Nya Bhushan’s short backdrop featuring patriotic looks at the Via Border event will be live on the Digital Film Festival’s YouTube channel.

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