Rakhi Sawant on walking out of Bigg Boss 14 finale with Rs 14 lakh: I have zero bank balance, need money for mother’s surgery

Rakhi Sawant is happy and satisfied with the conclusion of her journey in Bigg Boss 14. Pardesi Girl was perhaps the only contestant this season who made an effort to entertain the audience. Rubina Dilayik was declared the winner, while Rakhi Sawant walked out of the game show with a prize money of Rs 14 lakh.

The OG Bigg Boss champion spoke to indianexpress.com about his decision to leave at the finale, his experience and support of host Salman Khan helped him keep the game alive.

Excerpts from the conversation…

How is it felt as ‘Real Entertainment Queen’ of Bigg Boss?

I am very happy that I decided to return to the show. I really cannot express my gratitude for the way people have loved me. I have no regrets from my visit, especially at the opening about my marriage. Throughout all of this, I’ve been mum about it, and when you’re on a show like Bigg Boss, and no one believes what you say, you break up. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to open up about my life on stage. The show gave me so much love that while I’m here, I feel like my soul is still at home.

You were part of the first season, and now it is one. How different were the two trips for you?

There were a lot of differences. When we did the first season, we had no idea about the cameras or what kind of content. People with low profiles like Rahul Roy went on to win the season. Now, a natural upgrade has taken place, and the contestants feel worth entertaining. One has to fight, compete in tasks and assure them to get enough spectator votes to keep them safe. There should be a package and not sit in a corner hoping to win. I’m a born entertainer, and I’ve really done what I do in real life. And I’m glad people loved me and pushed me so far.
Given that you loved it so much, what did you do outside the show at the last moment?

It was just a matter of a few hours, and in the end only one had to win. If I lose, I leave nothing. At least, I have a lot of money with me now. I have zero bank balance at the moment, and I needed money for my mother’s medical needs. I have spent all my savings on his surgeries over the years, and need financial help. I have no regrets, because at that moment all I could think was that I would have to pay the rising bills soon.

You were the only contestant who had no social media team or PR inside the house.

It all happened so quickly that I did not get time. I gave my maid my phone, and she has no clue how to use social media. I didn’t even get time to buy makeup and clothes. I’m glad that even without the PR machinery, I managed to win the love of the audience.

A section of the audience feels that you talked about your wedding and even made Julie just for the content.

I talked about my marriage during short moments while at home. As Julie, Rahul Mahajan was sick about my profession and how cheap my fans were. I was really upset and didn’t know how to express myself. I was also alone and there was no one to talk to. When I came back from my shower that day, Julie was in me. You can call it fake content or entertainment, but Julie helped me keep the game alive. He is my strong ego.

You were also accused of crossing your lines with Abhinav Shukla, when you pulled the strings of his shorts.

I do not think it comes to love. I just wanted to spend some good moments with him. Also, I did not cross any lines. I know my limits. I was given the task of being around him, and in a relapse moment, I pulled the strings, but his shorts did not fall. So why a hue and cry about it.

Apart from the love of the audience, you also got the full support of Salman Khan. What do you have to say about it

He is a rockstar, and a legend in the true self. He really supported me a lot, and I don’t think I would have managed to keep the game alive without him. When Jasmine hit me on my nose, I was in a lot of pain and wanted to leave but it gave me strength. Salman and the love of the audience helped me to bear every pain.

What has been the best and worst moment for you in Bigg Boss 14?

The worst was when Jasmine attacked me with a duck’s head. And I think every second spent inside me was the best for me. I can still clearly imagine each moment. Bigg Boss is now in my blood, in my DNA and whenever the show needs me, I will run back.

Apart from Rakhi and Rubina, the other finalists of Bigg Boss 14 included Rahul Vaidya, Ellie Goni and Nikki Namboli.

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