Rachel Lindsay Wasn’t Shocked by Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan’s Split

Rachel Lindsay Wasn't Shocked by Peter Weber & Kelley Flanagan's Split

Not every Bachelor romance ends, and Peter weber And Kelly Flangen The latest addition to the franchise calls for it. While many fans did not see the division coming, Bachelorette Alum Rachel Lindsay Wasn’t so surprised.

“Well, I predicted that it was a bit of a quarantine love. You know, they fell in love in quarantine. It was the third girl of the season she was with,” she told the January 3 episode. Said during Look what happens with Andy Cohen. “I wasn’t really surprised, but the time, I think, threw me off a little bit.”

Bachelor nation met peter for the first time Hannah BrownWeather of The bachelorette. When he was among his last three suicides, he finished and went on to hand over Rose in season 24 Bachelor, Where they met Kelly. The pilot sent the series counsel seven weeks a week and proposed Hannah Ann Sluice. However, he called off the engagement and went on to have a relationship with Peter Madison privet, Who was one of the last two women, but left the show. They also later announced their decision to go their separate ways.

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