Rachel Lindsay: There’s More to Be Done After Matt James Casting

Rachel was the franchise’s only black lead in 40 seasons until Matt was announced.

“I was hoping when I would become a trailblazer for her and to increase the diversity in the audience that sees it. But in the last three years, there really hasn’t been any change,” she said. Rachel weather The bachelor, Season 13, aired in 2017.

Rachel said, “I want a maker of colors.” GMA. “I would like for them to join leads who are interested in dating outside of their race, who are not getting the first-hand experience – for the first time – on national TV. I approve of that Needed. Band-aid on the situation and just saying, ‘Here, we’re going to put it here. Are you happy now?’

Exclusively flirted with Black lead before franchise Mike johnson Hannah Brown Seasons The bachelor. Instead, Peter weber Got the job of handing out roses. The franchise problem has been brought up time and time again with the diversity of reality, but it seems that the worldwide march against racial injustice provides a tipping point.

“Matt has been on our radar since February, when the producers first approached him to join Bachelor Nation as part of the Claire season. When filming couldn’t proceed as planned, we got to know Matt and all Time advantage. Agreed that he would make a perfect Bachelor, ” Curry Burke, The chairman of ABC Entertainment said in a statement. “We know that we have a responsibility to make sure that the love stories we are watching onscreen are representative of the world we live in and that we are proudly serving our audience. This is just the beginning, and we Will continue to take action. Regarding diversity issues on this franchise. We consider Matt our first Black Single And we can’t wait to start this journey with him.

Matt season Bachelor, Season 25, will air in winter 2021.

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