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As hot as the blockchain space seems to be these days, it is still simple to reliably get a decentralized application up and running. The NXT boom and rising cryptocurrency prices have brought more attention to applications running on the blockchain, but major cloud service platforms are not quite ready to make them full-committed to the needs of these budding developers.

QuikNode, which recently raised funding from Y Combinator and is in the process of covering its seed funding, is building a Web3 cloud platform for blockchain developers that can help them build and scale applications. The startup went further than its fellow YC batch peers and set up in 2017.

At the moment, running decentralized apps can cause a lot of infrastructure headaches that drive developers away from their actual products. According to the startup, the initial setup may require a few days of download to sync these networks, while maintenance costs may also be high. QuickCode allows app developers to rent access to nodes that let them work on the blockchain network of their choice, enabling them to maintain and monitor their nodes.

Along with node management and maintenance, QuikNode’s product integrates developer tools and analytics to run a decentralized app. If the decentralized app market moves towards a sizable (and persistent) presence on the web, the challenge for Quickenod will likely be to maintain an edge here in the shadow of the cloud giants. QuikNode itself is a customer of these large cloud companies, choosing to focus on software rather than building physical data centers, yet they are still competing directly with these big players.

“I think we’ve had about two years on Amazon, we’re on their radar,” CEO Dmitry Shlokowski tells ClearTips.

For the time being, the small size of QuickCode gives it the advantage of different pricing compared to nascent programs from other cloud providers. Plans for users launching the most basic applications start at $ 9, with structured plans performed based on the amount of “method calls”. A dedicated node rental is $ 300 per month. From there, Startup provides a number of chain-specific add-ons with options such as Archive Mode that give applications access to all historical value states inside smart contracts on network or trace mode, allowing developers to re-execute transactions. Provides facility to request nodes for.

The team currently operates over 1,000 nodes and has approximately 400 customers. As Quikode aims to build its customer base, Shklowski says one of the best paths to customer acquisition is to educate decentralized app developers about connecting to the most popular networks.

Currently, the largely Miami-based team supports the network on six chains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, xDai, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Optimism.

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