Expected Increase in Hourly Wage in Quebec

Please consider reading this post, to learn in detail about Quebec Minimum Wage Increase 2024: Expected Increase in Hourly Wage in Quebec.

Quebec Minim Wage Increase 2024

Based on past increases, it is anticipated that a new minimum wage in Quebec would take effect in or shortly after the first quarter of 2024. The minimum wage in Quebec for 2024 is the lowest amount that a company is legally required to pay their workers.

Employers in Quebec are required to pay salaries to their employees no more than 16 days in advance. An employee’s regular paycheck may include an addition to their regular income for any overtime or bonuses they earn during a typical workweek.

Right now, $15.25 an hour is the minimum wage in Quebec. Please read this post and get to know in detail about Quebec Minim Wage Increase 2024 and its significance.

Understanding Quebec Minim Wage History

When a prospective employer hires an employee for five hours or longer on a trial basis, the business is required to pay the worker at least the minimum wage. The employer is required to adjust an employee’s salary to at least the minimum wage if the minimum wage rises and their income decreases.

Quebec Minimum Wage Increase

The minimum wage in Quebec has increased continuously since 1920. Since 2019, the minimum wage has risen by $2.75. Quebec’s general minimum wage is $15.25 per hour as of May 1, 2023. This is a $1.00, or 7%, increase over the previous year.

Quebec Minim Wage Overview 2024

Article Title Quebec Minimum Wage Increase 2024
Province Quebec, Canada
Current Minimum Wage $15.25 an hour
Expected Minimum Wage 2024 $16.25 an hour
Percent Increase 3.7%
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Expected Increase in Hourly Wage in Quebec

Beginning on April 1, 2023, Québec residents who work for the federal government are eligible to receive $16.65 per hour. If an employee works more than forty hours in a workweek, the minimum overtime rate is 1.5 times their usual rate. There could be some exclusions.

Employers in Quebec predict that, on average, salary increases across all industries in the province will total 3.7% by 2024. The minimum wage in Quebec is predicted to rise to $16.25 and take effect on May 1, 2024.

Your minimum wage in Quebec may differ if you are a general laborer, commission-based, tip-based, or any other kind of employment. For instance, servers in Quebec only make $12.20 minimum pay, as opposed to $15.25 per hour.

Exemptions to Quebec Minim Wage 2024

Although Quebec’s labor rules place a high value on the minimum wage, there are a few exceptions for different job classifications and pay ranges, including:

  • Pay Based on Commissions: In addition to receiving overtime compensation based on a percentage of sales, these employees are also entitled to minimum wage.
  • Strawberry & Raspberry Pickers: The minimum salary in Quebec for strawberry and raspberry pickers will be $1.21 and $4.53 per kilogram, respectively, beginning of May 1, 2023.
  • Wage for Piecework: In addition to their additional compensation, workers who are paid by the piece (artists, etc.) are also entitled to earn at least Quebec’s minimum wage.

In other situations, employers can only deduct minimum pay under particular circumstances and cannot do so without the written approval of the employee.


Employers must adhere to the minimum wage regulations set out by their government as a rule to maintain ethical company operations. Due to legal minimum wage regulations, it is not permissible for employers to underpay their staff. Since 2004, the minimum wage in Quebec has risen annually in a steady manner. After May 2024, it is expected to rise.

It’s possible that Quebec’s minimum wage will not enable citizens to make enough money to pay for necessities. In Quebec, the cost of living can sometimes exceed the income of a person receiving the minimum wage, depending on the city and size of household.

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