Putting Gdańsk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan on the ClearTips map — ClearTips’s Cities Survey – ClearTips

Putting Gdańsk, Wroclaw, Krakow, Poznan on the TechCrunch map — TechCrunch’s Cities Survey – TechCrunch

ClearTips is launching a major new project to survey European founders and investors in cities outside the major European capitals.

In the next few weeks, we will ask entrepreneurs in these cities to talk about their ecosystem, in their own words.

This is your chance Gadask, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan Techcrunch on the map!

If you are the founder or investor of a tech startup in the city, please fill out the survey form here. We are particularly interested in hearing from female founders and investors.

This is a follow up to a huge survey of investors (see also below) that we have done in the last six or more months, largely in big cities.

These are part of a wide range of surveys that we are doing regularly for Extraarch, our membership service that unpackes key issues for startups and investors.

In the first wave of surveys, the cities we wrote about were largely capitals. You can see them listed here.

This time, we will survey founders and investors in other cities in Europe to see how European hubs are growing, from the point of view of people on the ground.

We would like to know how the startup scene of your city is evolving, how the tech sector is being affected by COVID-19, and how your city will grow in general.

We leave the group mostly united and usually look for at least one or two paragraphs to answer the questions.

So if you are the founder or investor of a tech startup in one of these cities, please fill out our survey form here.

Thank you for participating. If you have any questions you can email mike@techcrunch.com and / or reply on Twitter @Mikebutcher.

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