Put a laser on a freakin’ tape measure for just $26

Put a laser on a freakin' tape measure for just $26


Traditional metal-band measuring tapes are fine, and all should have one in the kitchen drawer. But these days, laser measuring devices are increasingly popular because they are fast, accurate and can perform measurement calculations (such as areas and volumes) automatically without having to resort to a calculator. Laser measures do not require spending a fortune either. You can get The Metric 2-in-1 Laser Tape Measures for About $ 26. When you apply the promo code, you will get this price during Meterk’s Lightning Deal on Amazon. CNET0429 At checkout. This is about 48% off the regular price of $ 50.

The promo code should last until May 8, but I’m not sure how the power deal affects things; When the deal is claimed to be 100%, I’m not sure the promo code will even expire. Moral of the story: If you “shape” the deal and it is “worthy”, then it’s worthy, act fast, because I’m not sure how long it will be.

So the solution about the tape itself: I’ve done this for a few days and I love it. Frankly, I’ve never owned a laser tape measure before, but I knew what to expect and was super impressed with the ease with which it quickly showed distance to the illuminated LCD display at the top. You can choose several types of formats to display the results (metric or imperial, and royal may appear as decimals or fractions). And it has all the specific functions you’d expect from a laser measurement, such as the ability to add or subtract distances, measure area, volume, and find altitude indirectly using the edges of a triangle. In fact, I’ve seen pricier laser measures in the past that don’t do indirect measurements, so this Metaker model is a steal no matter how you look at it.

It is accurate to within 2 mm and has a maximum range of 40 feet. To be fair, it can’t compete with lasers that have a 500-foot limit, but you don’t need that kind of power unless you’re working on a construction site. And if you like the feeling of cold, hardened aluminum between your fingers, it’s a two-in-one, and has a 16.6-foot measuring tape built into it.

The integrated battery charge via USB-C and Meterk states that it will power 3,000 measures between charges.

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