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The app industry is as hot as ever, with 209 billion downloads and $ 120 billion in consumer spending in 2019. People are now using the app, spending three hours and 40 minutes per day using TV. Apps are not just a way to pass idle hours – they are a big business. In 2019, mobile-first companies had a combined $ 544 billion valuation, 6.5 times higher without a mobile focus.

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This week, we’re taking a look at how civil unrest and George Floyd’s protest played out in the App Stores. The incidents led to some apps – including private messaging apps, police scanners and alert apps, and other social communications apps – to do surges, and even break records. Google decided to delay the launch of Android 11 Beta 1 in view of recent developments.

We also keep pace with COVID-19 apps and how the epidemic is changing app usage and consumer behavior. In addition, the FTC fined the app developer over privacy violations in a warning shot for the app industry; Zoom faced criticism for its encryption schemes; Apple launched an open-source resource for password managers; even more.

How did George Floyd’s protest affect the App Store

Protest police scanner download drive

Tools for police scanner apps downloads, personal communications, and mobile security apps were hit by record numbers in the US last weekend, including nationwide protests over the police assassination of George Floyd, as well as systemic problems of racial bias that led to American justice The system was plagued. . According to data from App Store intelligence firm Laptopia, the top US police scanner app was downloaded a combined 213,000 times last weekend, with a 125% increase from the weekend before Friday and a record for this app’s group Number.

The group of top apps included similar, if somewhat generic, titles, such as Scanner Radio – Fire and Police Scanner, Police Scanner, 5-0 Radio Police Scanner, Police Scanner Radio and Fire and Police Scanner +.

Citizens, Signals and others during protests

In addition to tracking police movements with scanners, protesters organized and communicated over secure messaging service signals. Meanwhile, the community safety app Citizen, which sends police alerts, also saw a surge in usage.

Appotia sets daily download records according to both Citizen and Signal, Vox noted earlier this week.


The Citizen app allows users to view “incidents” based on radio communications with 911 dispatchers, police, fire departments and other emergency responders. The app uses high-powered scanners to tune into public radio channels, then digitize and transcribe the audio, and turn it into events placed on the map. But the app is popular because it is more than a police scanner; It includes a social networking layer, where users can react and comment.

Based on more recent data provided by Sensor Tower to TipsClear, U.S. during the last week Citizen was installed around 620,000 times by first time users inThere is an increase of about 916% over the week. The installation reached 150,000 for the first time on 2 June, with the app averaging around 13,000 daily for the first time during May. On average, the app was downloaded 86,000 times per day, or 6.6x larger than the May daily average. The us The app went as high as No. 4 on the App Store on Tuesday June 2, and is now No. 32 overall on the top free charts.

The signal

Image Credit: The signal

The firm has also speculated The us The signal was installed by approximately 135,000 first-time users. In the App Stores during the past week. This figure represented an increase of 165% from the prior seven days, or about 2.6x that of about 51,000 new installations. In the past seven days, it averaged around 19,000 install signals per day.

For comparison, the signal was downloaded approximately 269,000 times in all of May and had an average daily number of 9,000. This makes the average 2x higher for the previous week.

The us Signal is currently ranked number 137 among the top free iPhone apps on the App Store. Earlier, on Tuesday 2 June it was at number 107.

This week, Signal also added built-in face blurring to photos to better secure the exchange of sensitive information across its network.

By Nextor and the neighboring ring

Civil unrest also affected the neighborhood’s networking app, as communities shared information about the protests with each other. The next-generation social networking app NextStore for Neighbors was installed by 185,000 first-time users, an increase of 26% from 147,000 installs in the previous week. U.S. The app jumped nearly 50 places in the App Store rankings, ranking number 156 in the top free iPhone version from 2,014.

From Amazon-owned Neighbor Ring, where neighbors share footage, including camera security, it was installed by 36,000 first-time users in the past week, an increase of nearly 19,000 to 89% from the week before it was installed.

Twitter has a record-breaking week as users watch protests and news of COVID-19

According to data from two App Store intelligence firms, Aptopia and Censor Tower, civil unrest caused Twitter to see a new number due to protests by George Floyd nationwide this week. While the firms’ exact findings differed in terms of the total number of new downloads or when records were broken, the firms agreed that Twitter’s app had the biggest week globally.

Appotia said the app saw at least 677,000 installs at its highest point. Censor Tower said it is above 1 million. Twitter Also broke a record for daily active users on Twitter in the U.S. Some 40 million people logged into the app on June 3, noted Aptia. For comparison, Twitter reported its app to have 31 million “monetizable” daily active users (mDAUs) in Q4 2019, to 33 million in Q1 2020.

The spike in the install was attributed to the protests, which were being watched by global audiences and COVID-19, which continued to spread in markets worldwide.

Apps blacken their icons in support of the George Floyd protest

As a gesture of protest and civil rights support this week, a small number of apps equalized Instagram Black Square by blackening its icons. For example, participating apps included Reddit, Joss & Main and Shop Avani. Such moves can only be criticized as being demonstrative, but one of the companies involved – Reddit – subsequently took real action. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced on Friday that he is resigning as a member of the Reddit board, and is now urging him to fill his seat with a black candidate. He also said he would use his future profits from Reddit stock to serve the black community, beginning with a $ 1 million pledge from Colin Kaepernick’s No Your Rights Camp.

COVID-19 app updates and news

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