Proof Disney Is Retconning the MCU Now That They Own X-Men?

It seems that Disney and Marvel Studios are starting to overtake the Marvel Cinematic Universe to present this prologue. X Men And other mutants. The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond Book was released this week and is shedding a lot of light on the MCU and some of its lesser mysteries, including why Tony Stark made the Iron Spider suit for Peter Parker and Shuri Kiss. Come to the conclusion Avengers: Endgame.

Now, it appears that The Wakanda files are setting up that Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver have been mutants throughout this time. Both characters made their MCU debuts Avengers: Age of UltronThere was a time when Fox still had rights to its Marvel assets, including X Men. This meant that the terms “mutant” or “X-gene” could not be included within the MCU. So, the powers of Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver were explained in another way.

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In age of UltronThe reason for Loki’s exposure to Mind Stone in the scepter was that Marvel Studios described how the Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver gained their powers. Baron von Straker of Hydra called him a “miracle”. In The Wakanda Files, Baron von Stroker refers to “suitable genetic markers” [that] Human trials make them friendly to volunteers. “In a different part of the book, Dr. List wonders why” other subjects failed and faltered, “compared to Scarlet Witch and QuickSilver. He begins to prove that this was a shared hatred for him. Tony Stark and all that he represents. ”However, many people are now wondering if his mutant powers were there all this time and just waiting to be unlocked.

The term “avyakta” is often used in Marvel comics to discuss how to awaken the powers of various mutants. This may be how mutants work in their stories gradually over time, the MCU. The Wakanda files provide a subtle hint that the word “mutant” is going to be used in the MCU, which could provide a direct route to a new team X Men, Something that Marvel fans have been wanting since 2008, when everything took off Iron man. However, another major signal may come by the end of this year.

Wandavision It is set to premiere on Disney + shortly before January. So far, it resembles Wanda Maximoff’s bizarre fever dream, where Vision is still alive, as they move in and out of the classic sitcom. Can mutants be introduced in upcoming MCU shows? For now, a lot of comic book fans are wondering if the series could be a project to bridge the gap between Fox assets and their new Disney home. No official confirmation has been made about this, but the Wakanda files hint at a future. You can see Quartoknows Publishing to get more information about Wakanda Files.

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