Pro-Trump mob storms the US Capitol, touting ‘Stop the Steal’ conspiracy – ClearTips

Pro-Trump mob storms the US Capitol, touting ‘Stop the Steal’ conspiracy – TechCrunch

A chaotic scene unfolded in Washington DC on Wednesday as a large crowd of Trump pro-protesters stormed the US Capitol Building.

Trump supporters flooded the nation’s capital outside the White House to attend a rally previously organized by President Trump. The rally was taken out in protest against the lawmakers who gathered on Wednesday to authenticate the election victory of President Joe Biden.

At his own event, Trump encouraged his supporters to continue demonstrating against Congress, falsely claiming that Vice President Mike Pence had the power to reverse the election results. While the situation is still unfolding, protesters entered the Capitol building and injuries have been confirmed, including At least one gunner hunt.

As Trump supporters filled the Capital Steps with “Make America Great Again” hats and “Stop the Steel” banners, the president encouraged his supporters with more conspirators. “Mike Pence did not dare to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution, giving the states a chance to authenticate a correct set of facts, not fraud or wrongdoing that would Previously asked to certify. “Trump wrote In a tweet “The United States Demands Truth!”

Twitter Trump’s claim of electoral fraud called the warning label “disputed”. When his supporters had already made their way to the Capitol building, the president called back his call for action to walk back, telling the supporters to remain calm.

Update: Twitter has included limited retweets and other forms on Trump’s tweet, but it is not hidden behind the warning screen at this time. The company says it is “exploring other enhanced enforcement actions”, though declined to elaborate on those steps.

The Stop the Steel movement was sparked by online conspiracies, which fueled Trump’s unfounded claims that Democrats had somehow rigged the presidential election. In fact, the US electoral outcome was decisively in favor of Biden, although the votes were trimmed over an extended period of time, as was caused by the mass expansion of mail-in voting related to the epidemic.

Facebook made efforts to rein in stop spread groups immediately after the election, blocking the hashtag for violating its rules around election misinformation. Facebook spokesman Andy Stone said, “The group was organized around the delegation of the election process, and we saw a worrying call for violence from some members of the group.”

Stop the Step supporters had a chance to gain a foothold on many other platforms, including Ready, Twitter, and alternative social networks such as Gab and Parlor, which attracted far-flung users with policies for extremist content. The crowd at the Capitol also shares Considerable overlap with QAnon, A constellation of conspiracy blasts on Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms over the years.

In a live address on Wednesday, President-Elect Joe Biden said the events unfolding on Capitol Hill are “based on treason.”

“At their best, a president’s words can inspire,” Biden said. “At their worst, they can provoke.”

This story is developing.

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