Priyanka Chopra joins hands with Global Citizen to help in India’s Covid-19 crisis

Priyanka Chopra is using her Twitter handle which has more than 27 million followers to raise awareness about the Kovid-19 crisis in India. Priyanka shared a tweet, stating that India should interrogate US authorities on stocking additional vaccines in the face of acute shortage.

Priyanka tweeted, “My heart broke. India suffers from COVID19 and the US has ordered 550M more vaccines than @POTUS @HCOS @SecBlinken @ JakeSullivan46 Thx to share AstraZeneca worldwide, but the situation is grim in my country. Will you share Vaccine / India immediately? #vaxlive

The actor is now working with the Global Citizen, and has answered some questions about how he plans to help Indian citizens in sourcing essential vaccines. When a user asked what she was doing about the lack of oxygen in the country, Priyanka wrote, “In addition to working with @Glblctznimpact to ensure these vaccines are sent to India as soon as possible, the present I have been working on some initiatives where needed most. “

Priyanka Chopra also shared how she plans to reach rural areas of the country with her vaccine campaign. “Through the #VAXLive campaign we are supporting COVAX, a global vaccine sharing program that works with partners with experience reaching rural communities. We are raising funds and Cox is calling for donations, ”she wrote.

When another user asked her about her fear of side effects and how to curb that fear, Priyanka wrote, “I understand and this important people want more information or talk to the doctor if they There is a concern. Millions of lives have been saved in vaccines and throughout history and diseases like smallpox and polio have been eradicated in India. “

Apart from vaccines, India also needs help in other medical infrastructure, and when a user reported that, Priyanka said, “Yes we need all these devices to save lives. The only way to stop the spread of the virus in India is to build collective immunity through vaccines. “

Naming the vaccine-sharing countries, Priyanka Chopra also tweeted, “America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan – these are the wealthiest countries in the G7 group that we want to see more dose as soon as possible . “

On the work front, Priyanka was recently seen in The White Tiger and We Can Be Heroes. The global star recently launched her memoir Unfinished.

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