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Hello and welcome to Equity, ‘s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines.

Natasha And alex And Courtesy And Chris Gathered to learn about the week’s biggest events, including some of our own news. As a note, the Monday episode of Equity will land next Tuesday, Thanks for the national holiday here in the United States. And we have something special planned for Wednesday, so stay tuned.

Fine! Here’s the rundown from the show:

  • Apollo completes its acquisition Verizon Media Group Yahoo: Yes, we have a new boss, and we have feelings about it. But much of the news was a fruitful debate for Vista Equity Partners to exit the majority of Drift, which turned the Boston-based startup into a unicorn. Terms were not disclosed, sadly, but Drift’s revenue seemed strong in the transaction. This left us with questions.
  • Then we talked about Databricks, which this week boosted a small country’s GDP in a single funding round, valuing the data-and-ml company at a staggering $38 billion valuation. Why is Databricks not going public? Because it’s not needed, mostly.
  • Hum Capital believes the future of startup funding requires a return to old school Wall Street. The startup helps founders and investors navigate a highly fragmented market these days, and has raised millions to grow the service.
  • There we opened two IPOs, including another Boston-based company from Toast and the very interesting story of Allbirds. Allbirds’ offering was less exciting from a numerical standpoint, though both Natasha and Alex love the company’s own shoes.
  • And to close, we discussed how Compound Foods wants to save the planet by making coffee sans beans. Which we are ready to try as soon as possible.

This is a wrap from us for the week! Keep your head above your shoulders and have a wonderful weekend!

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