Privacy data management innovations reduce risk, create new revenue channels – ClearTips

Privacy data management innovations reduce risk, create new revenue channels – ClearTips

Privacy data mismanagement There is a responsible obligation within each business enterprise. The very definition of privacy data is evolving over time and has been broadened to include information related to an individual’s health, wealth, college grades, geolocation, and web surfing behaviors. Regulations are becoming prevalent at the state, national and international levels that seek to define privacy data and establish controls that govern its maintenance and use.

The current regulations are relatively new and are being translated into operational business practices through a series of judicial challenges, adding to the confusion about proper business operating procedures. In this deceptive and sometimes chaotic environment, the privacy risks faced by almost every corporation are often vague, constantly changing and constantly expanding.

Traditional information security (infosec) tools are designed to prevent unintentional loss or intentional theft of sensitive information. They are not enough to prevent mismanagement of privacy data. Privacy protection measures not only need to prevent loss or theft, but they also have to prevent improper exposure or unauthorized use of such data, Even when no damage or breach has occurred. A new generation of infographic tools is needed to overcome the unique risks associated with managing privacy data.

First wave of innovation

Since the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) in 2018 in the European Union, a number of privacy-focused security tools emerged over the years, focusing on new capabilities introduced by this first wave of innovation. Three areas:

Data discovery, classification and cataloging. Modern enterprises with different IT systems collect personal information from customers, business partners and employees at different times for different purposes. This data is often transmitted to a company’s application portfolio via APIs, collaboration tools, automation bots, and bulk replication. Maintaining an accurate list of the location of such data is a major challenge and an ongoing activity. BigID, DataGuise and Integris Software have gained fame as popular solutions for data search. Collibra and Alation are leaders in providing complementary capabilities for data cataloging.

Consent management. Individuals are usually presented with statements of confidentiality, describing the intended use and security measures that will be put into handling the personal data supplied to corporations. They consent to these statements – either explicitly or implicitly – at which time such data is initially collected. Osano, Transdesio and Datagaril.IO are experts in managing consent agreements and enforcing their terms. These tools enable individuals to exercise their consent data rights, such as the right to view, edit, or delete personal information that they have provided in the past.

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