After starting her career as a teenager, Prachi Desai became famous for playing the role of Bani in Kasam Se. Her pairing with Ram Kapoor, a senior in the Zee TV show, was well received by fans. At the prime time of his career, the actor decided to step into Bollywood, a stardom that many had dreamed of. Prachi made her big debut in Rock On with Farhan Akhtar !! In 2008, and there was no search for him. She once played female lead in films like Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai, Azhar, Bol Bachchan and Main, Main Aur Main. Her latest project, A Murder Mystery Silence … Can You Hear It? The film starring Manoj Bajpayee is currently running on ZEE5.

The thriller features Prachi Desai as a cop Sanjana, who is brought in to handle a complex case. Noting how delicate and beautiful she is, the actor, in an exclusive chat with, shared how surprised he was when director Aban Bharucha Dehans approached him for the role.

“I was doing a virtual cartwheel in my mind but to be honest I was initially shocked, and also asked the director if he was sure. In a line if I have to summarize it, I think that this is all that I am waiting for to get on my way. It has taken me a while to say yes to anything. When I read the script, it was very scary and kept me hooked. It was a full page turner, and I finished it all at once. The characters are also written so beautifully, that it was a win-win situation for me, ”the actor shared.

Talking about his character, he said, “Sanjana is completely equal on the field and she is treated the same. I was really impressed with the way the writer-director made his sketch. It only gives a glimpse of how today’s women can do what they want, and who they can be in the male dominated industry as well. Interestingly, Sanjana also kills a pastel palette, and in a subtle way shows that a woman can embrace her femininity, even if she is a tough cop. During the shoot, I think I had the most amazing co-stars, and I have made friends for life. I miss them so much already. It was beautiful how we always felt like a team the whole time. “

The 31-year-old shared that she is a big fan of thrillers and detective dramas, and has made working on Silence a lot more exciting for her. Asked if she wanted to hit it on the big screen, Prachi confessed that it was always meant to be a Zee original, “That’s the beauty of this film and I’m glad that the whole world will get to see our hard work.” . As for the cinema hall, I am really happy that they have resumed business, and I want them to prosper. The past year has been difficult for a lot of people, and theater is our everything. I should add here that going for a film is a very personal experience where you take time out. It is like going for a fine meal or shopping. And then of course, there are days when you want to order the meal home, and see it from the comfort of your place and time. “

Prachi Desai, Ram Kapoor Prachi Desai and Ram Kapoor still from Kasam (Photo: Express Archive)

Prachi Desai while talking about her move from television said that she feels that even when she spent only two years on the medium, she is still inscribed in the minds of the people. As a teenager, getting a chance to make a film was a big thing for her. Furthermore, such opportunities are rare. Many times you know that this is what you want to do. Also, working on television, everyday for so long can sometimes burn you. In the context of movies, you can jump from one character to another. Also, I think you can’t go to school for a lifetime, you have to go out to college, and then maybe work or start a business. Television was school for me and I had to pass at one point. “

On the quiz, if she is happy with the way her career has progressed over the years, she smiled to share, “When I look back, I think I should give myself up.” I started at such a young age, and did a lot of roles that I never thought I could pull off. Currently, I am only grateful and feel privileged that I can do the projects I want to do, and pass on to others. I never feel pressured about that and can even wait for something like Silence. Also, I think we are in a very exciting time coming through digital medium right now. Actors can be fearless in terms of their roles as it gives you a palette to choose from. With films, you have to consider a lot of things – the whole package, production house, co-star but OTT does not follow the same rules. It is more about the actual characters, the story and the talent. I think everything has been amazing so far. I have matured in my thinking and so far, coming alone is a great achievement. “

After the silence … can you hear it? Prachi Desai will appear in the next two digital projects – one is in the crazy comedy zone, and the other is a well-rounded series based on a beautiful friendship drama. I think along the way, I will be sure to say yes to too many projects, ”the actor concluded.

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