Porsche’s online 911 GT3 configurator lets you create your dream key fob, floor mats and owner’s manual pouch

Porsche's online 911 GT3 configurator lets you create your dream key fob, floor mats and owner's manual pouch

Porsche constantly wants to innovate.


I spend a lot of my free time (and I can spend a lot of my work-and-work-time) Online configuration Each automaker offers, specifically for newly revealed models. Porsche Configurator With 3D models and tons of options available, there’s one of the best, so when New 911 GT3 Yesterday was unveiled, I opened my browser to whip out my dream GT3. But nothing could prepare me for what I would discover.

When you scroll down to the inner tab, there are all kinds of options, from colored seat belts to firefighters and even attachment to child seats. An option should be “vehicle key painted in exterior paint with leather bag”, as obviously your 911 key has to match the car itself. Previously, choosing this option started popping up with a list of colors available for stitching key pouches; You selected one and it brought you back to the main Configurator screen. but not anymore. Now, clicking on the option creates a completely different screen Just a key and a configurator for the pouch. Would you believe

You get to choose from 33 different paint colors for the “side bolsters” of the key, and the configurator shows colors from the entire Porsche palette, not just the GT3 for some limited selection. (I think this particular configurator will be universal in all models once the configurator is updated.) Then, you can choose from 24 different leather colors for the main pouch, including the pouch’s main body, the side boosters. Ability to make. Lanyard all different. Finally, there are 39 different available shades for decorative stitching. And if that weren’t enough, the key fob image that the configurator shows is a highly detailed 3D model that you can rotate and zoom. And people say that modern technology has ruined sports cars!


If your floor mats are not customized, get out of my face.


I know your brain is so beautiful right now, but oh, it gets better. Scroll down to the interior leather tab, and you’ll see an option for “individual floor mats with leather edges”. Yes, you can configure the floor mats of your dreams, complete with a more elaborate 3D model. Carpeting is available in 12 colors, while leather casing and metal inlays are offered with leather lamination, the same in 24 colors on the major fob pouches. And 39 different sewing options exist, of course.

But Porsche did not stop there. Do you see “vehicle documentation folder in leather”? That’s right, you can also customize the leather folder that holds your new GT3 owner’s manual and other documents, choosing from the same 24 leather colors and 39 stitching options. And if you want your vehicle key in leather instead of paint, there is a separate configurator for this.


Obviously your owner’s manual has to be pampered as well.


I had to use the UK Configurator because the US Porsche website has not yet been updated to include the GT3, but 99% of the options would be the same for a US-market car. American Configurator for 911 Turbo It offers the same options, just without a superdeveloped configuration, so we can do pricing from there. The vehicle key painted with the leather bag costs $ 540, and the leather key is $ 690. The leather owner’s manual wallet is $ 560, while individual floor mats are the most expensive of these options at $ 990.

All of this may seem trivial and costly for such minor items that most people will never notice or care about, but that’s not the point. People are actually buying these Porsche do Information and care, and they want their cars to be special. So is another couple grand on top of the $ 150,000 (or more) you are already spending on your new GT3? It is a small price to pay to know that you have an important fob unlike any other.

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