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Porsche makes its case for an all-electric Taycan wagon – TechCrunch

Porsche is always When it comes to making new vehicles, they went their own way. After all this, the company continues to have that infrequent idea that putting the weight of an engine behind a sports car is a great idea. (this is!)

Therefore, to pursue crossover trends to create an all-electric, soft-roading wagon that has just 20 millimeters of clearance compared to their popular electric Tekken sedan is not out of character for the brand. Rather, it is another example of how Porsche approaches electrification. “You don’t make an electric car. “You make a Porsche with an electric powertrain,” Taekwine Line product spokesman Calvin Kim said in a recent interview.

The 2021 Tycan Cross Turismo fits that bill. Powerful, quick, comfortable, luxurious and tech-rich, the Porsche Tekken 4 Cross Tourismo (one of the four variants of the wagon) offers a mix of practicality with full power and speed under $ 100,000.

Why Build an Electric Porsche Wagon?

Porsche uplifted the sports car enthusiasts club when it launched the Cayenne almost 20 years ago and is doing the same with the Tycan and Tycan Cross Turismo. According to a recent Porsche release, the SUV and crossover business is a tremendous cash cow for the company, while around 4,500 Taekwans were sold in 2020. It is 718 or higher than the Panamera line. Porsche also says that from cradle to manufacturing, the new cross-turism is carbon neutral – the first vehicle he has built that has achieved this status.

“Porsche wanted to create the sportiest capability we could build,” Kim said, “and a wagon version of the Teaken embodies that ethos.”

The 2021 Porsche Tycan Cross Turismo is on sale today. Porsche says he expects it to begin early this summer.

2021 Porsche Tycan 4 Cross Turismo

Image Credit: Abigail Bassett

Tycan vs Tekkon Cross Turismo

Beyond the obvious form factor, potential buyers or EV enthusiasts may wonder why someone might opt ​​for the cross Turismo over the original Turon?

There are some important differences between the two vehicles that may push some customers onto the wagon. First, the cross tourismo provides more passenger and cargo space. Passengers get 0.35 inches of headroom up front and 3.69 inches at the rear. The wagon is also equipped with more cargo space – 15.7 cubic feet behind the rear seats or 42.8 cubic feet ahead with them. Like the Tycan, the Cross Turism has an additional 2.9 cubic feet of area in the frink.

The Cross Turismo has a Tykon sedan and an additional driving mode, called gravel, compared to a Scosh 20 millimeter (just under 1 inch) and more ground clearance. The gravel mode is activated by a soft key on the center console instead of the mode wheel on the steering wheel. This increases the height of the car and changes the stability control and torque management system for better grip on gravel, snow or ice. Unfortunately, on our short test drive, we did not get a chance to apply gravel mode for testing.

Porsche Tycan 4 Cross Turismo

Image Credit: Porsche

On top of these features, the Tykon cross turism comes with all-wheel drive and standard air suspension (called Porsche Active Suspension Management or PASM), a $ 2,200 option on the Tykon. The Tycan Cross Turism comes standard with a larger 93.4 kWh battery pack, a $ 5,780 option on the base Teakan sedan. Cross Turism is built on a single platform known as the Tycan sedan, J1, internally.

There are four different variants of the Tycan Cross Tourismo, one of which I drew. You can choose from entry-level Taan 4 Cross Tourismo, Taan 4S Cross Tourismo, Taan Turbo Cross Tourismo and Taan Turbo S Cross Tourism. In the highest trims, the base price starts at $ 188,000. Pricing for the Tayon 4 Cross Turismo that I drove starts at $ 92,250 (including delivery).

Each Taste of the Cross Turismo comes with an optional off-road package, which attaches to the lower part of the body to prevent rock chips on gravel roads and extends the vehicle 10 millimeters. The Porsche, Tykon or Tykon Cross does not give ground clearance for the Tourismo, but the electric wagon has increased reach and departure angles from 12.1 and 15.2 degrees to 12.2 and 16.2 degrees. In true Porsche fashion, the company says there are over 21,000 option combinations, based solely on cross tourismo, wheel choice, exterior color and interior selection, not on details such as badge deletion, stitching, technology options and seat. To mention. Type.

Charging speeds are the same between cross tourism and tekken. Porsche says that on DC Fast Chargers, the tayan cross turism can recharge from 5% to 80% in just 22.5 minutes.

First drive

The Tycan Cross Turismo 4, which I drove, represents the entry point into the new all-electric wagon. When neither Porsche nor the EPA have released estimates of the range, the European-spec, Ruby Red machine had a range of 250 miles over 99 miles, when I saw it from Glendale, California on Monday afternoon at Big Bear and Back’s Hopped in the joint. The journey of about 200 miles left me with a 68-mile limit in a cosmic tank. While it may seem that the math is off, this is not thanks to regenerative braking, which helps generate electricity and pushes some back into the battery.

The expedition covered approximately 140 miles along the highway and about 60 miles on hilly roads. Thanks to the dual-motor, all-wheel-drive setup, which comes standard on all cross turisms, the electric wagon was mounted on Misty and slightly icy mountain roads and felt safe and took a corner to a corner without body roll. The 375 horsepower (469 with launch control) and the maximum available 368 lb-ft of torque, easily handled a sluggish motorist (or three at a time).

The Cross Turismo gets five different driving modes: Range, Normal, Sport, Sport Plus and Individual. On the highway, I started in normal mode and saw how easy it was to push the vehicle beyond the stated speed limit. Using the toggle on the wheel, I switched to range mode, which helps conserve the battery by limiting the speed to only 80 mph. All modes except the range allow the driver to carry the Cross Tourismo to its full 136 mph capacity.

Porsche Tayon 4_Cross_Turismo

Image Credit: Porsche

My test vehicle was a European model. This meant that some of the technology features that came with cross tech tourism, including Porsche’s advanced driving assistance system inodrive and navigation features, could not be activated because my test drive was in the United States. However, regular adaptive cruise control worked and I used it extensively on the highway running from Glendale to the base of the mountain.

The adaptive cruise of the Tycan Cross Turismo quickly adapted to many drivers who cut my lane. The feature handled these difficult moments the way I would have, with only a little more ingenuity. When a car unexpectedly moved into my lane, the Cross Turismo slowed down without braking or stuttering and simply slowed down a 5,029-pound vehicle and a comfortable following distance that was neither too short nor It was very long. As traffic will expand, the system will maintain the following distance without jostling or awkward poses.

When I reached the base of the mountain, I had about 200 miles left. I landed the Cross Turismo in Sport Plus mode and started climbing. In Sport and Sport Plus, the “engine noise” (for lack of a better term) inside the cabin becomes more audible. Porsche says that to make the sound, they recorded the motors’ audio, adjusted it and then piped the sound into the cabin. Outside the cabin in both modes, the vehicle becomes slightly louder but not nearly as gruff as a combustion Porsche.

Roads leading to the Big Bear are worse in the winter than in the Los Angeles Basin, and lead to much cracks and pits after the wet season. The day I took the route, it was mist and around 40 degrees, with frost licking the tips of the pines at high places, they were given a silver color. The road was wet and wound through dense patches of cloud and fog, leading to some small icy spots on the road. Cross Turismo faced all those challenges.

If you have ever stopped a heavy and relatively large vehicle on a technical and winding road, then you know that body roll fights very well. This is a non-issue in cross tourism. Because body weight (batteries and motors) is installed lower in the floor, the cross-turism is considered as comfortable and capable, as the 911 is fitted. Steering is direct and twitch without communication. On the climb, I managed to do about 10 minutes of trimming upon my anticipated arrival, without breaking a sweat or actually pushing the car anywhere near the limit. At the predefined coffee stop, I wore the battery for 118 miles — much to get me back to Glendale to separate from the room.

I drove up the mountain road in Sport and rode back into the valley. At the bottom of the mountain road, I noted that due to regenerative braking the vehicle had gone a few miles behind and had 124 miles left. In order to throw off the range of anxiety for the wind and keep my eyes up for possible speed traps, I put the Tycan Cross Turismo in Sport mode and open my way through traffic at 3pm, with plenty of power in the studio Came back together.

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