Porsche Macan EV will have 'significantly more' range than Taycan

Porsche Macan EV will have ‘significantly more’ range than Taycan

More prototypes require quieter roof lights.


Two years later Porsche Confirms Development of Macan EV, Prototypes of the new all-electric SUV are hitting the road for public testing. Battery-electric Macan is expected to go on sale in 2023, though a Current version of Macan updated Will come later this year.

“This is the next right step for Porsche,” Michael Steiner, a member of the company’s executive board for research and development, told reporters earlier this week. It will be the first vehicle built on Macan Porsche’s new dedicated electric vehicle architecture, called PPE (for premium platform electric), and will be sold with a gas-powered version.

The Macan and Macan will be “very close” in terms of EV size, Steiner said, although the two SUVs will not share common architecture. In fact, Porsche is also not sure if the EV will actually be named Macan. “We call it Macon Electric internally,” Steiner said. “The final decision whether it will [named] Macan is not decided on the market today. ”

Steiner said the Macan EV would build on the success of Porsche’s electric Tekken sedan. “The 800-volt architecture is derived from Tekken and we will bring it to the PPE platform for Macan,” he said. But while Tycan has been criticized Scarcity limit – Although the number of EPA Easy to beat – Steiner says this will not be a problem with Macan. “We learned and range concern is an issue in some markets,” he said, and while the exact specifications are still TBD, Steiner said Macan “will have significantly higher” [range] Compared to tayan. “

Like the Taan, the Macan EV will likely be offered with two different battery sizes, but not necessarily in every country. “Technically we’re ready for two battery sizes, but we learned … most customers look for a larger range,” Steiner said. “Maybe we’ll see at least one to be in the North American market, and it will be the big battery.”

in present, base And 4s The versions of the Tayan sedan are standard with a 79.2-kWh-hour battery, while the 93.4-kWh pack is optional. Tayan turbo, Turbo s And every version of Tycan Cross Turismo Wagon Are equipped with a large 93.4-kWh battery.

The Macan EV is in its final stages of development, although 2023 is still far away. “By the time the all-electric Macan is launched on the market in 2023, it will cover some 3 million test kilometers worldwide,” the company said in a statement. Porsche said it is also running 20 digital prototypes “aimed at simulation across multiple development categories, such as aerodynamics, energy management, operations and acoustics.”

The Macan EV is a large part of Porsche’s ambitious electrification plans. The company expects to have 80% of its sales by the year 2030 to be electrified vehicles (hybrids and EVs), and Porsche is Aim to be completely carbon-neutral by that time, Too.

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