Pooja Bedi reacts after getting criticised for saying ‘life not meant to be spent caged, masked in fear of virus’

Actress Pooja Bedi, while shooting a video in Goa, has appealed to people to live life to the fullest instead of wearing a mask “for fear of a virus” for years. The social media post invited criticism, with many asking her not to share inappropriate advice as the country fights the coronovirus epidemic. India is fighting the second wave of Kovid-19, with 2,34,692 new cases and 1,341 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

On April 14, Pooja tweeted a video of herself enjoying the speed boat ride and wrote that life was to be lived without fear. “The joys of being in a healthy, happy #goa. Free your mind. #NoFar is to live life… don’t spend a year / year out of fear of a virus and being masked which is obviously not going away! If You died yesterday after closing / locking it .. so what would be the biggest regret? ”She wrote.

Soon after her tweet, people wrote to her, reminding her of the upsurge in Kovid-19 cases in the country and that she “shouldn’t spread misinformation” about the importance of wearing masks as a celebrity.

“Pooja, even if you want to celebrate life (which for each of you, as you say) throwing safety precautions like masking, in your statement living at home amid an epidemic under the bus is downright harmful. “I hope you understand why people are angry at this,” comedian Aditi Mittal replied to Pooja.

Police officer Pranav Mahajan tweeted to him, “It is desirable to be positive. Don’t have funny masks! We need to act responsibly. “Earlier in the day, Pooja, while addressing the criticism, wrote that these responses suggest that people” had problems with money, health and positivity. ” In a two-part tweet, she wrote that people should stop the negative cycle because they will not attract positivity if they consider it “trivial”.

“The comments in my previous post showed how many people detest money, health, positivity and mental freedom. Study subconscious programming and the law of attraction. Do you hate … You will never draw for yourself. So be careful what you are doing.

If you live in a state of panic and fear, then you will only attract more reasons and 2 reasons will be angry and fearful. Stop the negative cycle / spiral now! Focus on good vibrations Positive state of mind Healthy food Nature’s healing power can be the reality of everyone! “Pooja Bedi wrote.

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