Polestar wants to build truly climate-neutral cars by 2030

Today? A carbon footprint. tomorrow? This is not to be expected.

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Whenever you see a company portraying its product, whatever it is, whatever it is. “Climate” or “carbon” neutral, This means that the company has invested a lot in offsetting whatever emissions are in the production process. Actually, we do not have the technology to clean every product. but Pole Star It said on Wednesday that it is on a path to do so. By 2030, it plans to build climate-neutral cars without the need for any type of offset projects.

Titled the “Polestar 0 Project”, the brand aims to revive the production process for the future, roll out a system to balance carbon emissions and sell cars without the carbon footprint that is currently coming. Although Polstar sells electric cars, there is still a lot of emissions that come from mined battery materials, said refining the material and, of course, building the entire car.

It won’t be easy, and the 2030 deadline is very ambitious. But Polestar plans to break this climate target in all its business areas. Even climate targets for its employee bonus system are included. The company will also be held accountable with “product sustainability announcements”. You know how you look at calorie counting for your favorite fast food food these days? It is in the same vein. Polestar will post a car’s carbon footprint and traced risk content online and at the brand’s retail locations. In this way, consumers can see what goes into making a Polstar EV.

By 2030, however, these carbon-footprint “receipts” will not show the footprint at all, if Pollstar has its way.

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