PlayStation 5’s Cooling Can Improve Through Online Updates

According to Sony, the PlayStation 5 cooling system will be improved through online updates. The feature will allow Sony to digitally tweak the console’s fan based on data collected from the game.

The news comes from a interview with Sony vice president of mechanical design Yasuhiro Oteri, which was translated by ResetEra user orzkare. Talking about the console’s cooling system, Oteri noted that its design opens up the possibility of “further improvements”.

“Various games will be released in the future, and data will be collected on the behavior of APUs in each game. We have plans to optimize fan control based on this data.

They also reported that there are three different temperature sensors inside the console’s APU, which controls fan speed based on the console’s internal temperature. Otori says fan sensors “will also be updated via online updates.”

The news comes shortly after Sony released a full stop of the console, which featured a massive 120mm fan, drawing air from either side of the PlayStation 5. Oatori later told Nikkei XTech that fan size is one of the primary reasons for the console itself to be so large.

This feature is particularly exciting for owners of PlayStation 4, who can be used for the current fanbase, which can get louder when playing games on a large scale Our last part 2. In theory, the PlayStation 5 feature would allow Sony to see which games are causing conflicts and improve how the fan runs on the fly.

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