Plane drops debris on Denver area as United Airlines flight sees engine failure

Plane drops debris on Denver area as United Airlines flight sees engine failure
An engine on the Boeing 777-200LR.

2011 photo of an engine on a Boeing 777-200LR.

John van Hasselt / Getty Images

Debris rained from a commercial airline in the Denver area on Saturday after an engine failed in a United Airlines flight shortly after the plane took off from Denver International Airport. United, in a statement, said the joint flight 328 bound for Hawaii returned safely to Denver after the crash. Police in Broomfield, a suburb of Denver, tweeted Saturday afternoon that no other injuries were reported.

“Given the number of people visiting Commons Park on the weekend day, we are grateful that no one was injured.” Broomfield Police said on Twitter, Referring to a large public park on the banks of the South Platte River in Denver. In addition to the park, the department said the wreck landed in the Northmoor and Red Leaf neighborhoods. Dramatic photos posted by the department appear in front of an engine housing, the size of a car, in the yard a few feet from the front door of a house.

Other imagery shared on social media includes a video shot by someone on board, showing Engine on fire; Dash Camera Video Engine explosion and smoke; Footage of Children walking about wreckage falling into a dog park; And Cheer passengers after landing safely.

United said in its statement that it is in contact with the US Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board and local law enforcement regarding the accident. The FAA said in a statement on Twitter that NTSB will be in charge of investigation And that aircraft was a Boeing 777-200. Boeing said that its technical advisors are supporting the NTSB investigation.

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