Pixar Transforms a Teen Girl Into a Giant Red Panda

teaser trailer turning red Giving viewers a glimpse of Pixar’s latest project finally released today. Animated family comedy is like a play on Marvel property the incredible HulkWhenever she is agitated the hero turns into a giant animal. However, in typical Pixar fashion, instead of an unstoppable juggernaut, turning red Will feature a giant red panda.

turning red Mei follows the story of Lee (Rosalie Chiang), a 13-year-old girl who struggles with the constraints of school and family in a particularly difficult period of life. The trailer offers fans a glimpse of just one scene from the film, but much can be ascertained from the two-minute exchange.

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The moment begins with Mei sitting in the classroom when someone gives her a note that her mother is out. A frightened Mei investigates her daughter’s education as she sees Ming (Sandra Oh), the domineering figure of her parents hiding behind a nearby tree. Mei attempts to hide her embarrassment in the hope that her mother will just leave but the situation only spirals from there.

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As the security guard tries to get Ming out of the premises, she creates a scene grabbing the attention of Mei’s entire class. Ming also yells at her daughter to stop herself from freaking out. ‘Mei-Mei, tell her it’s Mom.’ As any teenager can probably attest, the embarrassment is too much for Mei, causing her to inadvertently explode into her red panda form in a giant cloud of smoke.

Still embarrassed, Mei runs back home crying on the rooftops where she attempts to calm herself so that she can return to her human form. The film promises to be a lot of fun and tries to tackle some personal truths for the target demographic of young teen audience. Even adults will suffer painful flashbacks into their teen years if this first trailer is anything to go by.

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turning red Disney will also continue the recent trend of over-representation in a Pixar hero coming from the camp. Like Recent Hits cocoa, which drew inspiration from Mexican heritage and luca, which had an Italian setting. turning red Will draw attention to Asian culture and will be only the fifth film for Pixar to feature a female protagonist. with the three of them including Dory finding Dory, with pleasure from inside to outside and from Elastigirl Incredibles 2, Mei will probably be the most relatable female protagonist of all time.

The film is both written and directed by Chinese filmmaker Domi Xi, drawing from her own experiences growing up as an Asian girl in Canada. She has worked for Pixar since 2011 but this will be her first feature film for the studio. Primarily working as a storyboard artist on films including the above from inside to outside and Incredibles 2, She has already shown her talent for directing with her critically acclaimed short bao. bao Won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 2019 and is now available on Disney Plus. turning red Meanwhile is scheduled for a theatrical release on 11 March 2022.

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