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We’re getting closer to turning our attention to Pittsburgh, and there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. We’ve been spending a lot of time chatting with people who are on the ground in the city, and we’ve spent a great deal of time learning and listening, which we think will make this installment of our Spotlight series our most dynamic yet .

As we share more details about who will be attending, such as CMU President Farnam Jahanian, we still Want to hear from those of you building companies in the ‘berg’.

We’ve heard from nearly 50 companies focusing on things like digital health, small business loans, patent development, robotics and clean technology, and we’ll choose three companies to pitch live during the June 29 event.

Because we expect all kinds of attendees, including investors, this could be an opportunity to take things to the next level, whether through recruiting new employees or finding a new advisor. after all, anything Might be at the ClearTips event.

Simply fill out this form and your company can be selected to pitch during the event.

Additionally, and to learn more about who and what’s in Pittsburgh, we’re going to be Tomorrow (Friday) at 4 p.m. ET. Hosting a conversation on Twitter Spaces. Co-hosting will be one of our favorite Yinzers, Kit Mueller. Expect some general knowledge, updates on news and happenings in the city, etc.

Register for the program today, chat with us tomorrow and submit your company or tell someone who should!

work schedule

June 29, 2021

2:00 PM EDT
Pittsburgh Construction. Speaker Announcement!

2:20 PM EDT
Developing Duolingo. Karin Tsai, Head of Engineering, Engagement and EdTech, set out to speak on the trade-off between scale and satisfaction, and how a simple A/B test can help.

2:40 PM EDT E
From student to startup. CMU President Farnam Jahanian will speak on the school’s cutting-edge robotics and automation research and how it is keeping innovative startups in Pittsburgh.

3:10 PM EDT E
Pittsburgh Pitch-Off. Startups will have two minutes to make their point and our speakers will have four minutes to give their feedback. Pittsburgh Startups Should Apply Here

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